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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 10-3-19


ASEC Minutes
2:00 – 4:30 p.m. Thursday, October 3, 2019
53 Bascom Hall

Members Present: Donna Cole; Jenny Dahlberg, chair; Tim Dalby; Deb Shapiro; Lindsey Stoddard Cameron; Bill Tishler

Guests: Suzanne Broadberry, Keri Robbins, Karl Scholz, Patrick Sims

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m.

The minutes of September 26, 2019 were approved.

General Reports
Jenny Dahlberg, ASEC chair, reported that Gene Purcell and Nola Walker will serve on the Dean of Extension Search and Screen committee. 

Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff, reported the TTC Shared Governance Advisory Committee meeting was cancelled.

Liaison Reports
Tim Dalby attended the Mentoring Committee meeting. They ended up with 185 mentees and 105 mentors. They would like to be involved in presenting at ASI.  He also attended the Personnel Policies and Procedures meeting. They divided up ASPP to allow people to become familiar with specific chapters.  Lastly, the ASM Student Council is asking the legislature to change the law regarding what is required of students for Voter IDs. They would also like to add helplines to the Wiscard.

October Assembly Agenda
Motion to approve the October Assembly Agenda (Shapiro). Seconded. Approved.
Academic Staff Governance Planning Document
ASEC was given the document that was put together from the notes generated at the planning meeting. There will be time for discussion at the next ASEC meeting.  
Youth Protection Proposal
ASEC asked Heather to see if Dean Russell could attend the next ASEC meeting to talk about a plan for moving forward that would include forming a shared committee. 
TTC Items for Discussion
Consistency of mapping titles across departments and schools
When will forum dates be announced?
Request to release title library a week before the forum
Update on mapping
Status of vignettes
Guest: Karl Scholz, Provost
Provost Scholz provided a number of updates to ASEC. One issue he is working on is increasing the number of Pell students.  Right now that number sits at 12%. It would be good to increase it to 20%. Time to degree is now under 4 years. 

There is a working group chaired by Dean Shim regarding visas and immigration. The Office of Strategic Consulting is staffing it. There is a draft report with benchmarking of peers and recommendations. Most of our peers have one central visa office that serves all audiences. 

Regarding search and screen committees, the Dean of Extension Search and Screen committee is almost complete. He will be asking for names for the Dean of Letters and Science Search and Screen committee soon. He also believes he will likely keep the Vice Provost role that Casey Nagy currently holds as an interim.

Provost Scholz shared information about the homecoming video. The video was made by the student homecoming committee, which has an advisor affiliated with the foundation/alumni association. There is a lack of diversity in the video even though diverse students were included in the photo shoots. 

Guest: Patrick Sims, Chief Diversity Officer
Vice Provost Sims discussed the I am UW campaign. This campaign is a result of recommendations that came from the student survey on climate. The recommendations were about sharing values about diversity and promoting connections that students share. The goal was to engage majority students without alienating minority students. The campaign is in its public phase this fall. Vice Provost Sims would like to do a similar campaign for faculty and staff. 

ASEC shared information about the worklife survey for academic staff with Vice Provost Sims. This data supplements the WISELI survey on worklife as well as the EID survey. They discussed ideas about a diversity program for staff. It would need to be completely different from the faculty program. Leverage points could include capacity building experiences, leadership experiences, and personal relationships.

Guests: Ashley Voss and Lori Wilson, Co-Chairs, Communications Committee
Ashley Voss and Lori Wilson presented revised language of the charge of the Communications Committee. This language is in ASPP so it would need a vote of the Academic Staff Assembly. ASEC suggested adding the Secretary of the Academic Staff as someone the committee would need to work with. They were amenable to the change. Felipe Gacharná would be able to make the motion in Assembly. It could be scheduled for November.  The committee is looking at the e-newsletter that has been done traditionally to see if it is meeting the needs of academic staff.

Meeting adjourned at 4:42 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Heather Daniels, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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