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Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 06-17-21

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ASEC Minutes

2:00 – 4:15 p.m. Thursday, June 17, 2021

Members Present: Donna Cole; Jenny Dahlberg; Tim Dalby, chair; Mallory Musolf; Leslie Petty; Deb Shapiro; Lindsey Stoddard Cameron; Bill Tishler

Guests: Lesley Fisher, Kevin Graeme, Angela Kita, Karen Massetti-Moran, Karl Scholz, Mark Walters

The meeting was called to order at 2:01 p.m.

The minutes of June 3 were approved.

General Reports

Tim Dalby, ASEC Chair, reported on the recent newspaper article on single payroll in which he was quoted. At the meeting of the chiefs of staff, chairs, and secretaries, it was reported that domestic travel restrictions have been lifted, though they are still in place for international travel. Vaccination rates among employees are very high, and there has been further outreach to ensure that vaccinated individuals have reported their status to University Health Services. They are looking at entrance testing for the fall for international students. The recent issues in Humanities have been addressed, and work on Van Hise will continue through the fall, with some classes being moved during fall semester. Tim reported that an ASEC listening session was held on June 10. Topics included questions about current supervisor references on job applications, the Chief Diversity Officer search, and community engagement with Extension. Tim, Mallory, and Lesley met with Mark Walters for their monthly meeting. There are discussions about how clinical faculty may be added to the remote work policy in similar way to faculty. There is also a series of courses coming from Learning and Talent Development about returning to onsite work, managing hybrid teams, and a variety of other related areas.

Jake Smith, Secretary of the Academic Staff, reported that the Research Professionals Conference was in progress and would continue through the following week. Jake and Lesley will be meeting with members of the Communications Committee to discuss the updated academic staff website on Friday.

Liaison Reports

Donna Cole reported on that morning’s meeting of the SMPH CASI. The School’s research professor committee convened for the first time to approve the first research professor title for the school.

Leslie Petty met with the chair of the International Division CASI. They discussed remote work as well as the fact that there are some cost recovery units that have furloughs through the end of the year.

Leslie Petty and Deb Shapiro discussed their participation as ASEC representatives to the shared governance sessions for the Chief Diversity Officer finalists.

Guest: Karl Scholz, Provost

Provost Scholz asked for ASEC’s input on the possibility of requiring travel insurance for those who are traveling on university-sponsored trips internationally. This insurance is at a minimal cost and pays benefits for clinical treatments and other issues while travelers are abroad. Several of our Big 10 peers do this. It would have to be seamless systematically. ASEC was generally in favor of the idea, with the understanding that it would be the university covering the cost of the insurance for travelers.

Addressing the question of institutional stability with the departure of some high-level administrators, Provost Scholz reminded attendees that Chancellor Blank is currently the second longest-serving chancellor in the Big 10, and that he is currently the fourth longest-serving provost. Rob Cramer and Nancy Lynch have moved into the Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration and the Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs positions respectively, and campus will soon be wrapping up the search for a new Chief Diversity Officer. With respect to the new remote work policy, there have been numerous discussions about this, and we want to see how the new normal unfolds, with hopefully appropriate levels of flexibility and a healthy work-life balance.

On accommodations for international students, we very much want students to be present at UW. There may be issues, and those will be looked at as they arise. Entrance testing is somewhat related to why UW is not requiring vaccinations. Over 80% of faculty and staff are vaccinated. There are vaccination campaigns, with town halls in July and August, along with mobile vaccination clinics. There are efforts to get the rate as high as possible. For international students, there will be entrance testing, and vaccination will be an option as well. Discussions are still in progress about individuals who have received vaccines that are not currently FDA approved.

Motion to Convene in Closed Session Pursuant to Wis. Stats. 19.85(1)(c), and (f) to Discuss Appointments to the Committee on Disability Access and Inclusion and the Retirement Issues Committee (Musolf). Seconded. Approved.

Motion to Reconvene in Open Session (Petty). Seconded. Approved.


·         Appointments – for vote

Motion to appoint Todd Michelson-Ambelang to the Committee on Disability Access and Inclusion and Mario Pennella to the Retirement Issues Committee (Stoddard Cameron). Seconded. Approved.

Recessed at 3:12 p.m.

Reconvened at 3:16 p.m.

Guest: Mark Walters, Chief Human Resources Officer; and Karen Massetti-Moran, Director of Total Rewards, Office of Human Resources

Mark and Karen discussed the supervisory requirement for director titles, addressing ASEC’s questions about the 2.0 FTE requirements for individuals in particular roles that match their job duties, but because they don’t have the necessary number of direct reports, they won’t get those titles. OHR has heard these concerns from multiple stakeholders, and they have started looking at particular areas in schools/colleges/divisions and reevaluating with HR directors across the institution. They are looking at solutions and how to make sure employees are not adversely impacted and that equity issues aren’t created.

Regarding the single payroll transition, there have been over 250 applications so far for the short-term loan program. OHR has provided UW System with some information in case they need to refer people. The loan program offers up to $2000 in $500 increments.

On guidelines for business titles, OHR wants to make clear to employees that once those titles are loaded into HRS, they will also be visible in the directory. Schools/colleges/divisions won’t be prevented from using prefixes as part of business titles, but they have to be consistent in how they do it. There should be pay reviews under the new salary administration guidelines, not only at the school/college/division level, but also across the institution by OHR. For positions with one level, there will be triggers for supervisors to have conversations about progression and the possibility of using a prefix in their business title. Business title changes can happen independently or can flow with progression within a role. ASEC asked for more examples of how this might work in the guidelines around business titles.

Addressing a question about vaccinations for UW staff working on campus programs that involve minors under the age of 13, there is no requirement for individuals in these areas to be vaccinated. There are strict protocols in place when people will require masks. More information in this area is expected at a later date.


·         2021-22 Academic Staff Chat Topics

There will be 6 academic staff chats next year, three each semester. ASEC brainstormed a variety of topics. Jake will work on finalizing the topics in consultation with the Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs.

·         Topics for Guests

IVCFA: guidelines for new buildings including hybrid technology; Sustainability and deferred maintenance and the budget and how those areas come together; goals for his time in the position, budget forecast (including revenue innovation study group)

Charlie and Crystal: ways to advocate in a public sphere outside of ASPRO

Meeting adjourned at 4:12 p.m.

Minutes submitted by Jake Smith, Secretary of the Academic Staff

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