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Communications Committee Minutes 10-13-21

Academic Staff Communications Committee

Monthly Meeting Agenda

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
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Members in attendance: Mary Ellen Gabriel, Felipe Gacharna, Sarina Lotlikar, Pamela O’Donnell, Robyn Perrin, Lori Wilson. Liaison: Stephanie Elkins


Guests: Jake Smith, Lesley Fisher, Tim Dalby

1.       ASEC Liaison for 2021-22 – We’re so happy to have Stephanie Elkins as our liaison to ASEC again! More on Stephanie: In addition to taking our reports back to ASEC, Stephanie will provide us with updates from ASEC.

2.       Discussion on e-newsletter with ASEC members – 

a.       Tim Dalby provided us with background and thoughts regarding the newsletter. Some of ASEC’s goals this year are:

                                                   i.      Work to alleviate the perception that shared governance groups slow down the process of decision-making on campus.

                                                 ii.      Collaborate with CEBC to create and send a pulse survey to academic staff.

                                               iii.      This year ASEC will provide interesting and relevant material for each edition of the shared governance newsletter.

                                               iv.      Streamline communication from ASEC about current issues most relevant to academic staff.

                                                 v.      Improve awareness and communication to broader community for all of ASEC activities. (Thinking to do this working with Communications Committee to create a measurable delivery mechanism.)

We discussed that academic staff want to be communicated with, not at.


Additionally, ASEC feels there is a bit of dearth in communication. They want to communicate in a timely way, be of interest and cut through the noise. The unique niche of our communications is that we are communicating strictly to academic staff who have interests not shared by faculty or university staff. (Sometimes campus-level newsletters advocate less or are gentler about deadlines and other details (e.g., TTC deadlines).) ASEC wants to get the word out about governance, ASEC, ASA, committees, and CASIS.


It is also important that academic staff know their rights as an employee, especially regarding job security, discipline, etc. They should know where to get more information, and we should be communicating about policy to answer questions (e.g., “Is there a sabbatical for academic staff?”).


Humanizing academic staff and academic staff governance and highlighting staff is also important.


Tim mentioned the ASEC report to ASA could be repurposed for newsletters. (These are different than the meeting minutes.) An example:

b.       Next steps: Robyn, Mary Ellen and Felipe will lead the drafting or a north star document (starting with our original recommendations and taking the feedback we received) to be reviewed at the next meeting.

3.       Review and approve September minutes:   - Approved

4.       2020-21 Co-Chair/Chair Elections – Congratulations and thank you to Felipe, who is the new co-chair!   

5.       Update on Standing Committee Planning Meeting and update document review – Lori  and Felipe will draft and send to SOAS.

6.       Additional/New business - None

7.       Adjourn  

Next meeting: 2-3 pm, Tuesday, November 10, 2021 

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