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ASA Document 443. Nomination Statement for ASEC - Barbara Lewis

Academic Staff Assembly Document #443

13 December 2010

Nomination Statement for ASEC: Barbara Lewis

1. Tell us your current title, department/center/school/division/unit, and years of service as a member of the academic staff. Can you also describe what you do on a daily basis? 

Senior Academic Program Specialist; about 15 official years of service over 24 years, with some gaps for childrearing and part-time work. I currently manage the grants and budget for a small center in the SMPH, A534500 (Molecular and Environmental Toxicology Center/SMPH). Daily work includes grantwriting, fiscal work, and strategic planning for future grants and programs. I've held this position since 2006.

2. Have you held any previous positions on campus? If so, what were they and what did you do? 

Assistant Scientist (Chemistry/L&S) and Associate Scientist (Biochem/CALS), 1986-1996, some at 50% time. Admin Prog Specialist, Stem Cell Research Program /Grad School, 2003-2006.

3. Are you interested in any special issues involving academic staff? For example, in the areas of compensation, equity, job security, etc? 

I'm interested in all those issues, and especially concerned about the "unit clarification" process now underway.

4. Why do you want to be on this particular committee? Why would you be an effective person on this committee? 

I'm interested in ASEC because I feel it's very important that Academic Staff receive the professional recognition and benefits that they deserve, especially given how much we contribute to running the University. I like to look at things analytically and rationally, and am good at ferreting out inconsistencies and weak logic.

5. Have you had any experiences in your work or personal life that will help you succeed as a member of this committee? 

Having worked in or with most of the major schools and colleges, I'm very familiar with the organization and management of the campus as a whole. My husband is a Professor in Physics/L&S (currently Chair), so I have heard quite a bit about faculty issues too. My main volunteering has been with school when my children were younger. I'm also a gardener at the Eagle Heights/University Houses gardens and volunteer with them quite a bit.

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