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Statements for Mentoring Committee Ballot

I am submitting my statement of candidacy for the Academic Staff Mentoring Committee.  I am a training coordinator with the Office of Human Resources.  I manage, coordinate and facilitate a training program called Fully Prepared to Manage, which is available for managers and supervisors across campus who want to develop their supervising skills, both policy related and soft skills.  I have been in this position since August 2015 and am new to the University with this position.  With my position I am very interested in providing personal and professional development opportunities to academic staff and I believe this committee would be another avenue to do that, as well as provide connections to participants going through the Fully Prepared to Manage training program.  I am also planning on implementing a coaching/mentoring program as part of Fully Prepared to Manage.  Being a part of this committee I will be able to bring the skills I use in my current position of providing professional development opportunities as well as learn of the different mentoring resources available on campus to support participants in Fully Prepared to Manage.  I have a variety of experience that would benefit the group.  At my previous employer, I was the president of the Multicultural Employee Resource Group, an employee volunteer group to promote and celebrate the diversity of the organization.  I look forward to your consideration and the opportunity to work around campus providing additional professional development opportunities for academic staff.

 Mark Marohl

My name is Mark Marohl and I am a candidate for the Academic Staff Mentoring Committee.  I am currently a Student Services Coordinator for both the Molecular & Environmental Toxicology and Physiology Graduate Training Programs, both housed in SMPH.  In my duties, I mostly do graduate student academic advising, which includes course selection, working with students when there are issues with advisors or others, and helping students create documents and networks to help them achieve careers following graduation.  This is for ~60 students, plus between three and five postdoctoral fellows.  In addition, I am responsible to assure that my students are paid, help to manage a T32 training grant, and work with colleagues to develop projects, including courses and other initiatives, to keep our programs “ahead of the curve,” be it for NIH, the University, or another entity.  I have worked with the University since 2002, serving as a student hourly in two positions (simultaneously), LTE (Interim Departmental Administrator), USA 1, and my current position.  Having “worked through the ranks” and utilizing skills and experiences provided by my mentors, I think that I am well-suited to work with incoming academic staff members to provide knowledge on what can(not) be done through University systems.  The programs I work with work closely with two other programs, both of whom saw new student services coordinators (academic advisors) fill the roles following the departure of long-time administrators.  I would like to think that I have helped them along as they have moved themselves (and their programs) forward and would like the opportunity to do the same in more instances.


 Frank Rooney 

I am interested in serving on the mentoring committee because I believe in the crucial importance of mentoring in professional development. I would like to use my knowledge and perspective to promote mentoring on campus.

I am currently the director of the math tutorial program. I have been at UW Madison for five years in the math tutorial program, as an instructor at first and then became the director last year. I also teach courses in the math department. Prior to that I spent 11 years teaching math and physics at Bishop O’Dowd HS in Oakland California.

My high school experience convinced me of the efficacy of mentoring and I think I can bring different ideas and an unusual viewpoint to the mentoring committee. I look forward to helping this committee to foster mentoring on campus.


 Sarah Sebrosky

I joined the Soil Science department as a Programmer Analyst in the spring of 2016 to further SnapPlus, a nutrient management software that farmers across the state of Wisconsin use to plan their seasons with soil protection and water quality in mind. My team and UW as a whole has been one of the most supportive communities to which I’ve had the pleasure of belonging. In the spirit of shared governance, I’d like to offer my expertise as a leader and mentor to help extend this experience to other employees. Though not at UW, I have successfully mentored new employees and have had the pleasure of learning from fabulous mentors both here at UW and in other roles. I also have industry experience formulating company-wide standards and policies in a committee forum, and then sharing those decisions with employees. I believe I can use my experiences to offer an open ear and a thoughtful perspective to this committee. If elected, I’d be deeply honored to have the opportunity to serve on the Academic Staff Mentoring Committee.

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