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Statements for Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee (PPPC) Ballot

I am interested in participating in the Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee to further the mission of shared governance and to gain a new outlook on personnel policies and procedures.  I have experience as both an entry-level academic staff member and as a supervisor, and therefore can evaluate how personnel policies affect both employers and employees.  I am now responsible for recruiting, training, and retaining academic staff as a Clinical Research Program Manager in the Carbone Cancer Center.  Part of my training for this managerial position included participating in the Principles of Supervision and Management course series through UW Office of Human Resource Development.  I continue to participate in professional development opportunities to learn about best practices and current personnel policies.

All of my over seven years of work experience at UW has been in clinical research.  It’s critically important to recruit and retain excellent staff to support complex clinical research operations.  I recognize that the Academic Staff Policies and Procedures is a continuous work in progress that should be adapted to reflect new knowledge.  I am excited at the prospect of contributing my varying viewpoints to support and disseminate information about policies that lead to fair employment practices and contribute to happiness among employees.  More importantly, I am excited to use this opportunity to gain new perspective and foster better communication about personnel matters, and to become a better leader myself.

In order to support the PPPC, I will commit to learning about and evaluating differing viewpoints about personnel matters from my fellow committee members and colleagues.  I am adept at finding the right resources and people to address questions or problems.  I am also rather tenacious, and follow problems through to resolution.  Both short and long-term projects utilize my organizational skills well, and I work well both independently and in a team-centered environment.  I hope you will agree that I can contribute to the charge of the PPPC to analyze and revise the ASPP and advise the ASEC on personnel issues, and am driven to commit my time and efforts to PPPC.


 Carlos Lozano

I’ve been on campus and involved in student mentorship and advising since 2006. I’ve worked in Letters & Sciences, the Athletic Department, and currently am with the Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement. I’m interested in serving with the PPPC because I’m dedicated to serving the campus-wide academic staff community. Furthermore, I’m passionate about making sure the UW has fair and equitable practices in all employment procedures.

In this role, I will be able to call on experience from working on campus as a student worker hourly, graduate student (stipend), LTE staff and now as an FTE Staff, STEM academic advisor (1 of 2 official STEM advisors on campus). Through my professional development, I found myself on a path from great instability to stability. As a result, my interest continued to grow in wanting to be a part the PPPC to support the review of all policies and procedures relating to UW-Madison academic staff personnel practices.

Additionally, I have served on campus committees in the past, including the Letters & Science SAA Council where through small work teams we focused on specific projects and issues related to SAA and the College of Letters and Science, provided advice and items to the Associate Dean, the Planning and Leadership Team, the HR/ Budget Office, the MIS group, and other partners by fostering professional development and community building among units.

Thank you for your time and deep consideration.


 Dorothea Salo

As a Faculty Associate in the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), I teach five to eight undergraduate and graduate courses per year, as well as advising SLIS master¹s students and serving on SLIS-internal committees. Prior to joining SLIS, I worked as a librarian in the UW Digital Collections Center. I was with UWDCC for four years, and have been at SLIS another five years.

I co-founded and for a time co-led UW-Madison¹s Research Data Services cross-campus unit (, and have been involved in other policy initiatives relating to electronic theses and dissertations and campus response to the 2008 NIH Public Access Policy. These experiences accustomed me to policy evaluation and policy support in times of change.

Policy creation and review is, in my view, how organizations make their mission, vision, and strategies an on-the-ground reality. I wish to join the Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee (PPPC) to help ensure that UW-Madison academic-staff policies recruit, support, and retain excellent academic staff who will continue to move UW-Madison forward. I am aware that these are difficult and uncertain times for UW-Madison and its academic staff; I hope my experiences can help PPPC and UW-Madison academic staff weather change. 


 Meredith Smith

I am interested in participating on the Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee to contribute to positive and energetic discussion that constructively builds policies and procedures.   I look forward to the opportunity to represent Facilities Planning and Management (FP&M) in the discussion and listen to diverse perspectives from committee members, campus topic experts, employee groups, invested governance parties, and other key stakeholders.  FP&M is a multi-shift, multi-lingual workforce with over 1,200 employees.  FP&M includes the Space Management Office, Capital Planning and Development, Campus Planning and Landscape, Transportation Services, Environment, Health and Safety, and Physical Plant.  Our workforce is composed of Limited, University Staff, Academic Staff, Temporary, and Student employees.  As the Workforce Relations Specialist for FP&M, many of the policies and procedures, such as performance management, directly impact the employees I work with.  This opportunity would also help me learn more about campus policy.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you. 


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