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41ASA Document 749. Resolution on Climate Divestment and Procurement1109852021-05-211037
42ASA Document 762. Resolution on Remote Work1109822021-05-211062
43ASA Document 761. Committee on Undergraduate Recruitment, Admissions, and Financial Aid Annual Report 2020-20211109812021-05-211156
44ASA Document 760. Committee on Disability Access and Inclusion Annual Report 2019-20201109802021-05-211114
45ASA Document 759. Memorial Resolution for Susan Doyle1109792021-05-211176
46ASA Document 758. Memorial Resolution for Chris Logterman1109772021-05-211072
47ASA Document 757. ASPP Chapter 14 Changes1109762021-05-211042
48ASA Document 756. Nominating Committee Slate 20211109752021-05-211040
49ASA Document 755. Assembly Standing Committee Slates 20211109742021-05-211021
50ASA Document 754. Committee on Women in the University Annual Report 2019-20201109732021-05-211138
51ASA Document 753. 2021 ASEC Election Results1109722021-05-211019
52ASA Document 752. Memorial Resolution for Troy Dassler1109712021-05-21973
53ASA Document 751. Campus Diversity and Climate Committee Annual Report 2019-20201109702021-05-211089
54ASA Document 750. Employee Assistance Office Annual Report 2019-20201089822021-02-101196
55ASA Document 748. ASPP Change Chapter 131089802021-02-101121
56ASA Document 746. Budget Committee Annual Report 2018-20201089792021-02-101140
57ASA Document 747. ASEC Slate 20211089222021-02-091423
58ASA Document 742. ASPP Changes Chapter 131081212021-01-061118
59ASA Document 739. Resolution to Support Fair Trade Certification Efforts for UW-Madison1081202020-12-291172
60ASA Document 738. Nominating Committee Candidate Darren Martin1081192020-12-291242
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