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721ASA Document 722. Academic Staff Standing Committee Annual Reports 2018-2019980102020-07-131366
722ASA Document 724. Resolution Objecting to the Composition of the University of Wisconsin System President Search and Screen Committee980112020-07-131382
723ASA Document 725. Memorial Resolution for John Edwin Dallman980122020-07-131472
724ASA Document 726. Report of the Committee for GLBTQ People in the University Annual Report 2017-19980132020-07-131401
725ASA Document 728. Resolution Calling for Emergency and Helpline Numbers to be Added to FacultyStaff Wiscards980142020-07-131557
726ASA Document 719. Resolution to Create Land Acknowledgment Statement959772020-07-131834
727ASA Document 720. Resolution to Endorse the Wiscard Emergency Contact Resolution959782020-07-131742
728ASA Document 731. Nominating Committee Slate 2020986302020-03-101349
729ASA Document 729. Assembly Standing Committee Slates 2020986292020-03-101344
730ASA Document 727. ASEC Slate 2020978522020-02-111791
731ASA Document 275A. Protected and Unprotected Expression in a Work-Related Setting787062019-05-222358
732ASA Document 621. Changes to Distinguished Prefix Guidelines689542018-11-262461
733ASA Document 672. Resolution to Retain the Distinguished Prefix as Part of the New Titling System787072017-12-122603
734ASA Document 671. Endorsement of Campus Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence787052017-12-121953
735ASA Document 670. Assembly Standing Committees Annual Reports 2016-17787042017-12-122297
736ASA Document 669. Employee Assistance Office Annual Report 2016-17787032017-12-122105
737ASA Document 668. Ombuds Office Annual Report 2016-17787022017-12-122086
738ASA Document 666. Resolution Calling for the Creation and Implementation of a Campus-wide Climate Action Plan787012017-12-122461
739ASA Document 664. Resolution on Board of Regents' Action Regarding Regent Policy Document 6-4, Selection Process for System President, Chancellors, and UW System Senior Leadership Positions787002017-12-122326
740ASA Document 663. UW-Madison Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence786992017-12-122228
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