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821ASA Document 587. Report from Ad Hoc Committee on Selection of Committee Appointments, Nominations by ASEC636922016-05-272462
822ASA Document 586. Resolution on Dangerous Weapons in Campus Buildings636912016-05-272359
823ASA Document 585. ASA Engagement Ad Hoc Committee636902016-05-272327
824ASA Document 584A. Standing Committees Annual Report 2014-15636892016-05-272213
825ASA Document 584. Standing Committees Annual Report 2014-15636882016-05-272235
826ASA Document 584B. Standing Committees Annual Report 2014-15636872016-05-272031
827ASA Document 583. Campus Transportation Committee Annual Report 2013-14636862016-05-272335
828ASA Document 582. Committee on Women in the University Annual Report 2013-15636842016-05-272318
829ASA Document 581. Resolution on Vendor Choice for Job Titling and Compensation Study636822016-05-272503
830ASA Document 580. Academic Staff Governance Priorities 2015-2016636812016-05-272310
831ASA Document 579. Memorial Resolution for Ron Weiss636802016-05-272248
832ASA Document 578. Memorial Resolution for Don DasGupta636792016-05-272245
833ASA Document 577. Summary of Academic Staff Assembly Business for 2014-15636782016-05-272157
834ASA Document 575. Jennifer Heintz Nominating Committee Statement636772016-05-272352
835ASA Document 571. Resolution on Category A Salary Maxima417992015-10-022438
836ASA Document 570. ASPP Changes 2.01, 8.04, 8.04, 10.07417102015-06-292211
837ASA Document 569. Background Sheet for ASPP Discussion-Procedures for Tie Votes for Elected Governance Positions418002015-06-292426
838ASA Document 568. Background Sheet for ASPP Discussion-ASEC Election Calendar417932015-06-292500
839ASA Document 565. Resolution on Operational Flexibilities for UW System417972015-06-292473
840ASA Document 548. Edie Dixon Memorial Resolution458162014-12-232258
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