Assigning Housing Groups (for Programming Intern)

Creating Housing Groups for nametags for FYR SOAR days to group the students for small groups with the NSLs.

  1. Go to the SOAR Reservation System
  2. Go to Admin Reports
  3. Go to Housing Group Assignments
  4. Choose the Session Date
  1. Find the total students registered from the Session Summary
  2. Use all 16 small groups 
  3. Group students together based on their Housing Assignment (we want students to recognize folks in the Fall)
  4. Choose the group you've assigned them to under the "Move" tab. This is an art, not a science, so don't overthink it!
  5. Press the "Save Changes to Group Assignments" button.
  6. Have the OAs print the nametags
  7. You did it! Pull aside the signs, so if you did not use one it does not get taken to the Student Evening Program.
  1.  You want each group to have similar numbers, within 2 or 3 people if possible.
  2. A useful tool to use is a pivot table in excel. It will help you keep a count of how many students are in each group. First export the list of students to excel. Then you can copy and paste the housing assignment column into the acronym column and us the replace tool to rename them to the small groups ( Make sure you highlight the acronym column first so that it won't change anything in the assignment column). Then you press insert---> pivot table---> just press ok---> then select housing assignment and acronym---> at the bottom change it from sum to count. Then you have a pivot table! 
  3. Also sometimes when there is a special code day ( student athlete, row, SCE, etc.) there will be multiple lists for the same day
  4.  If you're experiencing a large number of southeast students, one thing I've been doing is using Waters as an in between area to redistribute between lakeshore and southeast but that's just my personal thing.
  5. Pulling up is also helpful
Some helpful maps if you want to try to group residence halls that are close to each other!
The "Houses" on the first map refer to the buildings within Kronshage Residence Hall
Zoomed in map on some other Lakeshore Halls:
Smaller map of all halls:

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