Receiving a contract

Step by step guidelines for how to correctly have a contract processed

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Contract from a vendor regarding space or a service we wish them to provide is received:

(Bethel Horizons, Overture facilities & food, WID facilities & food, room blocks)

Do NOT sign the contract

1.    Event Organizer (person who requested vendor to provide the service) reviews contract for accuracy – Are date(s), service(s), other information listed in the contract correct? & if accurate event organizer gives to CFYE Office Manger; If there are errors Event Organizer contacts vendor and discusses needed changes, gets revised contract.
2.    Office Manger generates requisition to pay for items listed in contract
3.    Director is given requisition & UNSIGNED contract for review; director signs ONLY requisition
4.    UNSIGNED contract and signed requisition sent to Dean’s office
5.    Dean’s office reviews and signs requisition
6.    UNSIGNED contract and signed requisition sent from Dean’s office to UW Purchasing Agent
7.    Purchasing Department reviews and signs contract and processes requisition
8.    Purchasing Department returns signed contract to Office Manager, who forwards it to Vendor or to Event Organizer to return to Vendor.
9.    Once event/service has been provided vendor will submit an invoice to either:
a.    Event Organizer
i.    review for accuracy, give to Office Manager
ii.    Office Manager will add purchase order number to invoice, or review for accuracy if a requisition number is listed on invoice & submit to Business Services
iii.    Business Services will send payment to vendor
b.    Office manager  
i.    confer with event organizer about accuracy of invoice
ii.    add purchase order number to invoice or review for accuracy & submit to Business Services
iii.    Business Services will send payment to vendor
c.    Business Services –will look up requisition number and pay vendor –
Business services will confer with event organizer about an invoice before paying ONLY if positive approval is selected when generating the requisition.  Make sure this is selected for requisitions. Event Organizer needs to let Office Manager know as soon as possible after an event or service was supposed to occur if the vendor did not meet contract expectations

Contract for an Entertainer regarding a performance we wish them to do:

(On or off campus groups performing at Convocation, Overture, Keynoting conference, etc)
If an Entertainment group or their agent sends a contract – Event Organizer needs to inform performer that we use a UW contract for events, and we will be sending that to them shortly. Do NOT sign their contract
1.    Event Organizer works with Office Manager (if necessary) to prepare a UW- Madison Event Contract
2.    If entertainer sends own contract also generate a Standard Rider In the rider list the conditions the entertainer included
3.    UW-Madison Event Contract, and Standard Rider if applicable, are sent to performer for their signature
4.    Entertainer, or their agent, reviews, signs and returns UW-Madison Entertainment Contract to the Event Organizer (or the Office Manager)
5.    UNSIGNED Performer’s contract & UW-Madison Event Contract once signed by performer are sent to Dean’s office
6.    Dean’s office signs entertainment contract OR if riders are attached sends to Purchasing Department for signature
7.    UW-Event Contract that has been signed by either Dean’s office &/or Purchasing Office as well as the entertainer is returned to Event Organizer or Office Manager, If entertainer or their agent requested a copy the Event Organizer sends them a COPY at this point; ORIGINAL is retained by Event Organizer or the Office Manager
8.    THREE or FOUR weeks before performance date Office Manager will prepare payment paperwork:
a. determine payment form needed
b. If Payment to Individual Report form (PIR) is used ( – List “CALL for PICKUP” & Office Manager’s
    name & number in mail to address lines; in purpose of payment field it is helpful to add a note that "check in hand to give to performer on event  date is needed."
b. Requisition MUST be used as payment mechanism if purchase is over $5000.  
9.     Have completed payment form signed by Unit Director
10.    Send Signed UW- Madison Event Contract and signed PIR form to Dean’s Office for signature
11.    Signed PIR & UW- Madison Event Contract are sent to Purchasing for check generation
12.    Office Manger (or other designated person listed on the PIR) will be called when the check is available for pick up
13.    Pick up at Suite 5301 in 21 N. Park St.; person picking up check should bring photo ID

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