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August 8, 2019 - Imaging System Patch/Update

Posted: 07:37:58, Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019   Expiration: 07:37:58, Tuesday, Aug 13, 2019  

Timeline for this Imaging System patch/update.

  • July 7 - August 16: New work/Onboarding work freeze
  • July 5 - The test environment will be available for testing. Please follow this Testing Protocol
  • August 2: Final day to submit testing results. To submit results, please use the Testing Report/Issue Form
  • August 8: The patch is implemented into production. Production ImageNow will be available during business hours. Patching will start at 6:00p.m. and should finish later in the evening.
  • August 9: Post-patch testing.
    • Please ensure that your business processes still function as expected after the patch is implemented into production. Please submit your test results using the Testing Report/Issue Form before 11:00a.m. If necessary, the decision to rollback the patch will be made at Noon.
    • When we successfully conclude acceptance testing, we will increment the PEDS service and clients configured for PEDS will begin to update when they are launched (using the Desktop shortcut or the Windows Tray icon). If you use PEDS to update clients, please tell your staff to be patient and allow the update to conclude without interruption. If your staff need to access documents on the Imaging system before they have the correct version of the client on their workstation, they can use Perceptive Experience (https://imaging.wisc.edu/perceptiveexperience/).

-- ECMS: Guy Stalnaker

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