Graduate School Data Requests

This KB provides guidelines for data requests involving Graduate School data at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, specifically for the Office of Academic Analysis, Planning & Assessment. The document provides general information about data resources and tools available campus-wide that would be useful in obtaining and analyzing data related to the Graduate School, as well as outlining best practices when making custom data requests to the Graduate School when existing data resources are insufficient.

Those wishing to request a specific data report or product not otherwise available should use our data request intake form. Before requesting a custom data query, see if one of the following available resources might more efficiently fit your need:

Data Resource

Graduate School Explorer (Interactive Dashboard)

The Graduate School Explorer (GSE) is an interactive data visualization that provides information about student admissions, enrollment, funding, degrees, program completion, and career outcomes for the UW–Madison Graduate School. The GSE allows users to drill down by degree level, student demographic categories, academic discipline, academic plan, named option, cohort, and term.

Admissions, Enrollment, Funding, Degrees, Program Completion, Career Outcomes
RADAR (Institutional Data Exporters - IDEs)

RADAR is the portal for UW–Madison that houses a repository of reports for the university. RADAR houses the entire published repository of dynamic Tableau Institutional Data Exporters (IDEs). By clicking the name of a dashboard or report in the repository, the portal will take you to a specific dashboard or report allowing you to quickly query and export anything from course demographics to student GPAs and everything in-between

*Almost everything*
(Start here if you think the report has been requested before)
Academic Program Profiles

This page will allow you to view program data specific to that student population. The Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) provides aggregated data presented in the areas of admissions, enrollment, funding, degree completion, diversity, and doctoral career outcomes.

Admissions, Enrollment, Funding, Degrees, Program Completion, Diversity
Graduate Admissions Competitor Landscape

 This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides data on the national postsecondary institutions competing with UW-Madison graduate programs for new student admissions. Dashboards display the institutional enrollments of new graduate admits over the past five years, as well as the reasons reported by admits for not accepting UW-Madison graduate program offers of admission. Recruitment, Marketing, Funding, Peer Competition/Comparison
 Graduate School Exit and Experience Survey Visualizations
Doctoral Exit Survey
Master's Exit Survey
Doctoral Student Experience Survey
 These are Tableau Data Visualization (Vizzes) that summarize student responses to the Doctoral Exit Survey, Master's Exit Survey, and Doctoral Student Experience Survey. The surveys are administered to all graduating students as a required component of degree processing and conferral and for all dissertating students at the preliminary examination stage. Dashboards display overall survey respondent demographics, responses related to satisfaction and experiences in their program and at UW-Madison, responses related to climate and well-being, responses related to career planning and professional development, etc. Recruitment, UW-Madison Peer Comparison, Program Review, Programming
Graduate Time-To-Degree Metrics

This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides information about retention rates, completion rates, and median time-to-degree trends for PhDs at the UW–Madison Graduate School. This Viz allows users to drill down by both academic discipline levels and various time-to-degree metrics, as well as allowing for comparison to other Association of American University (AAU) peer institutions.

Retention Rates, Completion Rates, Time-to-Degree trends, Peer Comparison

MyGradPortal is a database that lists information about graduate programs, certificates, minors, faculty, staff, and student degrees. It also allows allows you the ability to request E-warrants.

Real-time data related to Graduate Programs, Certificates, Minors, Faculty, Staff, and Student Degrees.
Applicant Review

This is an application within MyGradPortal that is utilized for reviewing, tracking, and communicating with applicants.

Applicant Data

This is a tool within MyGradPortal that can be used to run queries on applicant data from current or past terms for both submitted and un-submitted applications.

Applicant Data
Data Center (located in SIS - Student Information System)

Reporting tool that you can utilize to run ad-hoc reports on real-time student and course data.

Real-time Student data, Real-time Course data
UW–Madison Graduate Earnings

UW-Madison Graduate Outcomes: Earnings: Home Page - Tableau Server (

This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides information about earnings by degree level, areas of study, major, percentile, and number of years post-graduation for alumni from the UW–Madison Graduate School. This interactive tool allows users to drill down by degree level, graduate cohort, area of study, and number of years postgrad.

Graduate Outcomes
Postdoc Demographics

Postdocs at UW-Madison: Postdoc Profile - Tableau Server (

This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides information about postdoctoral positions at UW–Madison, broken out by gender, citizenship, minority status, and years in postdoctoral training before departure. This interactive tool allows users to drill down by year, academic division, school/college, gender, citizenship, minority status, postdoc type, department, and international vs. domestic.

Gender, Citizenship, Minority Status, Years in Postdoc training
Research Awards and Expenditures

Research Awards and Expenditures: Home Page - Tableau Server (

This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides information about research awards and research expenditures and allows users to drill-down by fiscal year.

Research Awards, Research Expenditures
Trends in Degrees

Trends in Degrees and Related Data: Home Page - Tableau Server (

This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides information about trends in degrees, degree recipients, majors, named options, certificates, doctoral minors, and honors. This interactive tool allows users to drill-down by degree level, academic division, school/college, department, major, named option, certificate, or a specific time period. It does not include information about enrollment, current students, or non-current students who have yet to complete a degree or certificate.

Trends in Degrees, Degree Recipients, Majors, Named Options, Certificates, Doctoral Minors, and Honors.
Trends in Student Enrollment

UW-Madison Enrollment Report: Home Page - Tableau Server (

This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides information about trends in student enrollments based on headcounts. It also allows for comparison across degree levels, majors, and certificates. This interactive tool allows users to drill-down by term, academic level, admit type, school/college, certificate type, demographic categories, and specific time periods.

Trends in Enrollment, Comparisons by Degree, Comparisons by Major, Comparisons by Certificate
Tuition and Fee Rates

Tuition and Fees Peer Comparisons: Home Page - Tableau Server (

This is a Tableau Data Visualization (Viz) that provides information about annual tuition and required fees for AAU public research universities and Big Ten Acadamic Alliance universities. This interactive tool shows trends in tuition and fee rates by program and residency, shows annual rates of change, comparisons to peers in terms of mean and median, and allows users to drill-down by degree level, resident status, and academic year.

Tuition, Required Fees, Comparisons to AAU, Comparisons to Big Ten Academic Alliance
CGS Pathways Data Briefs

Three-year project involving UW–Madison and other universities collecting data from current PhD students and alumni using surveys that were developed by CGS in consultation with senior university leaders, funding agencies, disciplinary societies, researchers, and PhD students and alumni. The resulting data is allowing UW–Madison and other universities to analyze PhD career preferences and outcomes at the program level and help faculty and university leaders strengthen career services, professional development opportunities, and mentoring. CGS has currently produced four data briefs summarizing findings from the project-to-date.

Academic Career Outcomes, Non-Academic Career Outcomes, Value of Degree, Value of Skills, Job Change Trends
InfoAccess Data Definitions Glossary

This is UW-Madison's glossary of terms used in administrative dashboards and reports. It contains functional definitions of terms, as well as links to relevant dashboards and reports that use those terms.

*Almost everything*
(All definitions that have been approved through data governance)

If the above resources are insufficient or you have questions about the data provided, please contact the OAAPA service account:  To request a custom data query, please use our data request intake form.  Please have the following information prepared to complete the form.

1. Date when the data is needed. This helps us appropriately prioritize requests and allocate the proper time to complete them in a timely manner.

2. Type of data request and preferred format (aggregated data, deidentified data, Tableau data visualization, Excel spreadsheet, PDF report, statistical analysis, etc.).

3. Type of information needed in the report output. Feel free to be as specific as even stating which specific columns you would like (ID, Plan Code, Degree Year, Time-to-Degree, Percent FTE, Pivot Table, etc.)

4. Specific information unique to your data request. Be as specific as possible and avoid vague phrases like "progress" or "recent alumni". Some examples of specific information include:

  • Types of students that you want included (All graduate students, PhD students, Masters-only, current, etc.)
  • Time-frame that you want reported over (specific term like Fall 2018, specific academic year, specific longer time-frame, etc.)
  • Specific academic criteria (Plan codes, Programs, Minors, etc.)
  • Specific student demographics (AOF, targeted minority, Graduate Assistants, etc.)
  • Specify specific metrics you want to be reported upon (Average, Time-to-Degree, 4-Year Graduation Rate, Percent Targeted Minority, etc.)
5. Describe the business use for the reporting request.

6. Examples of past/other reports you would like emulated. (You can attach documents to the request.)

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