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GSTS - Academic Advisement Report Structure

This document provides an overview of the Academic Advisement Report structure and the information it contains. Additionally, it provides information to help users read the report and understand the different requirements for graduate students.

Introduction to the Academic Advisement Report

The Graduate Student Tracking System (GSTS) provides access to Academic Advisement Reports for graduate students which track the academic requirements a student needs to fulfill in order to complete a Master's or Doctoral degree program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

All of the requirements built into the Academic Advisement Reports come from the Requirements tab on program's guide page.  At this point in time it is important to be aware that prior coursework and course exceptions/waivers may not be reflected. These reports also do not track double majors, dual degrees, joint degrees, or doctoral minors.  In addition, due to significant changes in policy for graduate degree requirements in Fall 2014, students who began their program prior to that time will not have a report.

Overview of a tabs in Guide

Report Structure Introduction

Each Academic Advisement Report has six main sections which are shown and explained below.
Outline of Academic Advisment Report

1. At the top of each report there is a GSTS Report Information section which provides information about what the report shows. It's general purpose is to let users know where the information for the report comes from and some of the restrictions.
GSTS Disclaimer
2. The next section is a temporary section that you may see come and go from reports. The Under Construction section lets users know that specific Program Coursework Requirements are in the process of being built or updated, so what is showing may not be official.
Under construction

3. The third section of the report shows specific Program Coursework Requirements. These requirements come from the Required Courses or Courses Required section of the Requirements tab on a program's Guide page. 
Until a program goes through the on-boarding process with the GSTS Project Team the Program Coursework Requirements will not show up on the report.

Location of Program Requirements in Guide

4. The fourth section of these reports is the Minimum Requirements section. This information is pulled from the the Curricular Requirements section of the Requirements tab on a program's Guide page.

Location of Minimum Requirements in Guide

5. The next section of an Academic Advisement Report is the Informational Data section.  This section acts as a bucket to "catch" any courses that are not used to fulfill the Program Coursework Requirements.  Often times graduate students exceed the minimum program requirements for coursework, or are taking courses outside of their program to fulfill the Doctoral minor/breadth requirement.  This section displays those courses additional courses so a complete coursework history for students can be found in the report. Additionally, while programs are going through the on-boarding process this section holds all of their classes until the specific Program Coursework Requirements have been built and these courses have a place to slot in.

6. The final section of an Academic Advisement Report is the Course History section.  This section displays ALL of the courses a student has taken at UW-Madison.  This includes courses taken as an undergraduate, graduate, or special student.

Satisfied vs. Not Satisfied Requirements

Requirements show up as either Satisfied or Not Satisfied.  When a report is generated any requirements that have been satisfied should automatically show up as being closed.  Only those requirements that have not yet been completed will be open. However using the arrows at the side of each requirement and the Collapse All and Expand All buttons at the top of the page different sections can be opened or closed.

Taken and In Progress Courses

Two different types of courses will show up in student's Academic Advisement Reports: Taken and In Progress.  Taken courses are courses that the student has already completed and received a final grade for, whereas In Progress courses are courses that the student is currently enrolled in that have yet to be completed. The report assumes students will successfully complete any courses that are In Progress. Planned courses will not show up in graduate student's report.

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