Graduate Student Support Competition (GSSC) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions related to the Graduate Student Support Competition.

Graduate Student Support Competition (GSSC)
 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Data Profile

Q: The data presented in the data profile is different than our own program’s data. Why is this?
A: The data profiles shared as part of the GSSC are only tracking information pertaining to PhD-bound students.

Recruiting Funds

Q: Our program is only asking for fellowship support. Is there a way we can also request recruitment funds?
A: Yes: Section IV, worksheet 3, line B). This line item is also the relevant space to request recruitment funds.  

Q: Can we use the funds to pay for the visit of candidate's guest(s)? 
A: No. Funds should be spent on the candidates directly that relates to recruitment activities. 

SurveyMonkey Apply 

Q: If nothing has changed, can we use last year’s responses in this year’s application?
A: Yes. The application has been designed so that the answers from last year’s application will auto-populate into this year’s application. You can make changes in the appropriate sections if there are updates to last year’s responses.

Q: Can I save the application and update later? 
A: Yes, you can save the application and make updates later.

Q: Can multiple users review the application and make edits in FluidReview?
A: Yes. The individual designated as the owner of the application can add other users on the “Application Round” page by clicking on “add members” on the lower right-hand side of the page.

Q: What if I don’t have enough space to answer one of the questions?
A: Depending on the question, text boxes will allow 100-1000 words. In general, most text boxes in the application should allow up to 400 words. However, if you run out of space and need to provide additional information, you may use the text box (1000 word limit) at the end of the application.

Q: The budget template does not recognize “$” or “,”.
A: That is correct. FluidReview only recognizes numbers. Enter requests using numbers only, e.g. “15000”.

Masters-level Programs

Q: Are programs that offer master’s degrees only eligible to receive Graduate Student Support funding through the GSSC application?
A: Yes, terminal master’s programs can complete the GSSC application to receive overall graduate student support funds through the Graduate Student Support Allocation (GSSA) as presented in Section IV in worksheet 3, for both GSSA/AOF Recruiting Funds allocations.

Master’s programs only need to complete the funding budget worksheet for funding consideration and do not need to complete the entire application.

Graduate Research Scholars (AOF) Fellowships

Q: Does this competition change the way we receive Graduate Research Scholars (GRS)/AOF, fellowships?

A: The GRS fellowship distribution process remains the same. You should continue to work with your program’s GRS community to receive GRS fellowships. However, you will need to request GRS (AOF) recruiting funds (used to recruit GRS-eligible applicants) in the budget worksheet 3 as these allocations will no longer be automatically disbursed on an annual basis.

Q: How can we utilize AOF Recruiting Funds? 

A: AOF Recruiting Funds are used to recruit students from AOF-eligible backgrounds (definition here), which includes prospective student travel, marketing materials, and other inventive ways to attract diverse students. Note that AOF Recruiting Funds may be used to recruit any Targeted Minority Student, not just those students under consideration for AOF/GRS Fellowships. 

Graduate Student Support Allocation (GSSA)

Q: My program is requesting fellowships. How do we access GSSA funds?

A: Please complete worksheet 3 of the budget section to request GSSA funds. GSSA funds can be used for graduate student recruitment expenses and for current student travel support. 

Q: How can we utilize the GSSA funds? 

A: GSSA funds may be used to support student recruitment (e.g., campus visits for prospective students), and travel for current students to conduct or present research

Fellowship vs. Budget Worksheet

Q: In the past, our program has only received fellowships. Are we eligible to request both fellowships and GSSC funds?
A: No, each program can only request one type of support, either GSSC dollar allocations (worksheet 1) or fellowships (worksheet 2).

Fellowship Request Worksheet

Q: What is the difference between a Keeper Fellowship and an Offer Fellowship?
A:  The Graduate School only allocates keeper fellowships when providing fellowship allocations which programs can offer to multiple applicants if not accepted by the first applicant. After receiving their allocations programs may request the Graduate School to convert their keeper fellowships to offer fellowships. Offer fellowships are one-time offers that programs can use to recruit students but will lose if not accepted by the recipient. The Graduate School uses the program’s average three-year historical acceptance rate to determine how many one-time offers a program can receive when converting a keeper fellowship to a one-time offer.

Q: Fellowship stipend rate
A: All fellowships in the fellowship budget worksheet are calculated at the Graduate School’s supported fellowship rate. Graduate School-supported fellowships cannot be provided at a lower stipend rate. If relevant, programs can always offer a fellowship at a higher stipend rate.

Q: We have never requested a two-year fellowship. Do these have the same value as an academic year fellowship?
A: Yes, these are counted as two academic year fellowships. If requesting a two-year fellowship allocation, the cost for the first year of the fellowship will be reflected in the student’s first year of the fellowship. The 2nd year of the fellowship will be accounted for in the program’s allocation when the student is a dissertator and uses the second year.

Q: We know we will have students who want to use their second-year fellowships next year. Where do I record this information?
A: For projecting students who will reach dissertator status by Fall 2019 and anticipate wanting to use their second-year fellowship, please record this information in the last line-item of Worksheet 2 (2nd-year 9-month dissertator fellowship) in Section IV of the GSSC application.

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