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Honorlock - Semester to Semester [UW-Madison]

This document outlines processes used to configure Honorlock in your course from semester to semester.

New Course with New Content

If a course is brand new and content from a previous course will not be copied and brought in, then instructors will need to enable Honorlock in their course. Review the KB document Enabling Honorlock in Canvas (Instructor) for instructions on how to enable Honorlock in a Canvas course. For additional information on the use of Honorlock, review the document Honorlock - Overview (UW-Madison).

New Course with Copied Content from Honorlock Enabled Course

When a course is copied from a prior semester to a new course, the left navigation bar will stay the same, including Honorlock already being enabled. Review the document Importing Content from another Canvas Course for step-by-step instructions on copying and importing content from one course to another.

When clicking on Honorlock in the left navigation bar for the first time after course content has been brought into the new course, instructors will be presented with a course copy window. The contents of this window will inform instructors that any Universal (Third Party) Exam that was brought over to the new course will require updates to start/end dates. This window also gives instructors the choice to copy all previously selected proctoring settings from the copied assessments.
Image depicted is screenshot of window just described

If an instructor chooses to copy proctoring settings from the previous course, any Exam Profiles that were created in the previous course will also be available to use in the new course.

If an instructor choses No, Do Not Copy, all copied assessments will be in the Canvas course and the Honorlock LTI, however none of the assessments will be enabled with Honorlock. 

New Course with Copied Content and Removal of Honorlock

There are instances when a previous Canvas course that used Honorlock is copied over to the next semester, and the instructor chooses not to use Honorlock in the new course. In this case the instructor must do the following:

  1. Disable Honorlock from the Left Navigation Bar
    1. If Honorlock will not be used by an instructor, it must be disabled and hidden from students. The Canvas Community document How do I manage Course Navigation Links? contains step-by-step directions on disabling items in the left navigation bar.
  2. Remove Honorlock iframes from all previous Honorlock enabled quizzes
    1. When a Canvas quiz is enabled with Honorlock, an iframe is installed in the Quiz Instructions rich text editor box.This iframe will transfer with a quiz and remain even after Honorlock has been disabled in the left navigation bar.
      The Canvas rich text editor is displayed in this screenshot.
    2. To remove the iframe, click on the html editor symbol located at the bottom left corner of the quiz instructions rich text editor.
      screenshot of Canvas rich text editor with "code view" button outlined in orange"
    3. Highlight and delete the Honorlock iframe html code.
      html code listed under "quiz instructions" is displayed here
    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save

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