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HIPAA - FAQs for the Online HIPAA Privacy & Security Training

This document provides answers to frequent questions regarding online HIPAA Privacy & Security Training.

Canvas Course Information

  • Course name: 2023-2024 HIPAA Privacy & Security Training 
  • Canvas course number = 348565 
  • Once a student has gone though the materials, they need to complete the quiz of 10 questions with a passing grade of 80%. The results go into the Gradebook. UDDS information is also being fed into the Gradebook for reporting purposes.

Special notes

  • The quiz and certificate are not supported via mobile devices or from a laptop connected via a cellular network. For best results, please complete via a desktop with an Ethernet connection.
  • A customer's browser should be up-to-date and have Flash player enabled.

Background/General Information

Congress enacted legislation

  • HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
    • There are two parts of HIPAA. Title I protects health coverage when workers change or lose their jobs. Title II requires the establishment of national standards for electronic health care transactions.
  • HITECH - Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act of 2009
    • Granted the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services the authority to establish programs to improve health care quality, safety, and efficiency.


  1. UW-Madison HIPAA:
    • General Training Info
  2. Contact List for Privacy Coordinators: HIPAA -- Privacy Officer and Coordinators
    Privacy coordinators can answer questions such as:
    • What to do if their appointment changed
    • The customer doesn't think they should take training
    • The customer know which version of training to take
    • The user thinks they already completed the training
  3. Online HIPAA Training Guide:
    This can offer answers to the inquiries listed below:
    • Purpose of the UW-Madison online HIPAA Training
    • When will the training be available?
      • Deadline for completing the training
      • What if I miss the deadline?
    • Intended Audience
      • Workforce in UW Health care component
      • Questions about whether an employee must take this training
    • How to Access the course
      • Access for UW workforce within the UW Health Care Components
      • Completing the Course
    • Estimated time for completion
      • Completing the course in more than one sitting
      • Chapters
      • Course Navigation
      • Case Scenarios
      • End of Course Test
      • Certificate of Completion
      • Access to certificates

Pre-Course Issues

Trainees' Pre-Course Questions
Question or issue Answer
"I've already completed the UW-Health HIPAA training. Do I need to complete this training again?" Yes, you need to complete the UW-Madison HIPAA training every year.
"I am a UW-Madison employee and want to take the HIPAA training, but am not enrolled." To request enrollment in the training, contact the most appropriate HIPAA Privacy Coordinator at so they may enroll you in the training.
"Someone other than my manager is telling me to complete the training." You were identified by a HIPAA Privacy Coordinator as someone who needs to complete the UW-Madison HIPAA Training. If you think this is incorrect, contact the most appropriate HIPAA Privacy Coordinator at
"I am not a UW-Madison employee and do not have a UW-Madison NetID - but need to complete the training. What should I do?" A public-facing online HIPAA training course will be available at You should complete that training; at the end of the training you will be prompted to complete a verification step that will send proof of completion of the training to your preferred email address.

During Course Issues

Trainees' During Course Questions
Question or Issue Answer
"What are some best practices to minimize technical issues?"
  • Use the latest version of your browser
  • Use a computer that is connected to the network via an Ethernet cable
"I completed the course content, but I get an error when I try to access the quiz."
  • After you have reached the end the course content, completely close out of your browser.
    • Your completion will not register until you have closed the browsing session, and you will not be able to access the quiz until your completion registers in Canvas.
  • If you reenter the course content, you will be asked if you want to resume where you left off. Make sure to say yes. Saying no will erase your completion data.
  • Please contact your HIPAA Privacy Coordinator if still unable to access quiz after troubleshooting.

Post-Course Issues

Trainees' Post-Course Questions
Question or Issue Answer
"I have passed the quiz. Where can I verify my completion of the course?" After you complete the HIPAA Training Course, you can verify your completion directly in Canvas. Go to On a monthly basis, course completion data will also be forwarded to Learning and Talent Development for inclusion in training transcripts - but that will be a manual process and will not reflect completion status as timely as the Canvas Gradebook.
"I need help saving/reprinting my certificate."
  • There is no "certificate" with this training course.
  • Individuals can verify completion directly in Canvas as soon as they complete the training.
  • If someone says they need "proof" of their completion they can print the information available to them directly in Canvas.
  • You can also confirm your course completion using the VCRGE Training Information Lookup Tool (TILT).
    • Note: The site requires NetID authentication.

Managers' Post-Course Questions
Question or Issue Answer
"I'm a manager and want to know who has completed training." Contact your HIPAA Privacy Coordinator for information about completion reports. You can also check this with the VCRGE Training Information Lookup Tool (TILT).
"I am not a manager, but want to know if a specific researcher has completed training." Contact the appropriate HIPAA Privacy Coordinator for information about completion reports, or verify using the VCRGE Training Information Lookup Tool (TILT).

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