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Pressbooks - Adding Other Users to Your Pressbook [UW-Madison]

This document provides information on how to give other users authoring access to a Pressbook you administer.

To make collaborations easier, Pressbooks allows book administrators to give other people editing access to their books. These instructions outline that process, assuming that the person to be added already has a UW-Madison Pressbooks account. Details to request a Pressbooks account are outlined in this document: Pressbooks - Overview [UW-Madison].

To add another person to your book:

  1. Log in to Pressbooks:
  2. Click My Catalog and select the book that you want to add another person to.
  3. Click Users in the left navigation menu:
    Screenshot showing the Pressbooks "Users - Add New User" interface with steps 3 through 7 called out.
  4. Click Add New.
  5. Enter the user's UW-Madison email in the Email entry field.
  6. Select the role you want the user to have in your Pressbook from the Role drop-down menu. The below table lists each user role, and what those roles have access in a book.
    Pressbooks Roles & Permissions
    Role Manage Book Users & Settings Add or Edit Chapters Publish Chapters Delete Chapters Read Chapters Comment (if enabled)
    Administrator Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Editor No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Author No Only their own Only their own Only their own Yes Yes
    Contributor No Only their own No No Yes Yes
    Subscriber No No No No Yes Yes
  7. Click Add Existing User.

More information about adding users and the various roles is available in the Pressbooks Guide.

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