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AEFIS - Eval Survey Instance - What to check when the evaluations start

Most course evaluations start two weeks from the last day of class at the end of the semester. Once that happens, AEFIS departmental administrators will want to confirm that everything is running as expected. This document addresses a couple common tasks that can provide that assurance.

    Check these items once course evaluations start

    The following items should be checked by AEFIS administrators at the beginning of every evaluation season. These items can confirm the evaluations are running as desired.

    Go to the AEFIS Surveys screen, and filter for your department's (or college's) surveys.

    1. Go to Surveys.
    2. Add a Filter, choose Term, and select current term.
    3. Add a Filter, choose Owner, and select Department (or College).

    Ensure all surveys have started

    1. Check the Status column. All surveys should be marked as "In Progress".
    2. Check the Sections column. All surveys should have at least one section assigned here.
    3. Check the Participants column. This column will remain at zero until the survey begins. Then, the columns should display the appropriate number of students enrolled in the concerned sections.
    surveys columns

    Watch for low response rates

    Surveys typically run for two weeks. We recommend AEFIS administrators check in on the response rates at regular intervals during these two weeks. If response rates are low, please notify the appropriate instructors. They can then bring that information back to the class in efforts to increase participation in the course evaluation. The Student Learning Assessment site lists several best practices for achieving high response rates. 

    On this Surveys dashboard, there is a column titled % Response. (See image above.) This number reflects the overall response rate of all students across all sections included in this survey. For smaller-enrollment courses, this may be sufficient information to act upon.

    For larger courses (involving multiple sections) this % Response number may not be detailed enough. To check the response rates of individual sections, you will need to dig further into the survey.

    1. Select Manage (button on the right).
    2. Select Survey Results (option on the left-hand navigation bar).
    3. The bottom section of the screen presents a collapsible organizational structure. By expanding each level, you can expand the College, then the Department, then the Course, then the specific Sections.
    Survey results

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