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A Service Indicator, often referred to as a hold, is added to a student’s record to indicate something has been completed or the need to complete something, such as meet with an advisor or pay a fee. Services impacted often include not being able to enroll (add/drop/swap) and/or request official student records, such as a transcript.

Service Indicators utilize two pages:

  1. a summary page of all service indicators: "Manage Service Indicators"; and
  2. a specific service indicator's detail: View, Add, or Edit "Service Indicator".

After viewing or adding a Service Indicator, you will see the following Service Indicator Pages:

  1. The Manage Service Indicators page:
    Initial Manage Service Indicators page
    Tip:   Filter the Manage Service Indicators page using the Display Effect to view only 'Negative', 'Positive', or 'All'; then select Refresh.

  2. On the Manage Service Indicators page (shown above), select:
    - Code to see the View or Edit Service Indicator detail page; or
    - [+] Add Service Indicator to see the Add Service Indicator detail page.

    Tip: Reference Service Indicator Field Descriptions for more detail.

    Detailed View/Edit/Add Service Indicator page

  3. Select [Cancel] to back out of this page, or [OK] to save edits.
    The Manage Student Indicators page displays.
  4. To search for a different student, select [Return to Search] and [Clear] ID.

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