Cisco VoIP Overview - Help and Support

This document provides an overview of documentation currently available to Cisco VoIP users.

Dialing Patterns

List of dialing patterns for cisco phones
 Cisco VoIP 
 Seven-digit dialing for on-campus calls
  • 264-4357 (DoIT Help Desk)
 Dial 1 and seven-digit number to make non-campus calls
  • 1 + 257-9247 (Ian's Pizza)
 Dial 1 and 1 and ten-digit number to make long distance or toll-free calls
  • 1 + 1 + 213-867-5309
  • 1 + 1 + 800-588-2300
 Emergency calls
  • 911 or 1 911 or 8 911 or 9 911

Public Service Numbers (211, 611, 711, 811)

  • 1+211
  • 1+611
  • 1+711
  • 1+811

For more information on the dialing patterns, see Cisco VoIP - Dialing patterns 


Access the Cisco Unity Voicemail Portal. (Must be on the campus network or campus VPN to connect) Please note that the voicemail portal is only available for voicemail accounts assigned to individual users. For shared voicemail accounts, you must access through a telephone.
For more information about accessing your voicemail and changing options, see Cisco VoIP - Accessing voicemail from a telephone
For more information about accessing your voicemail and changing options from a web browser through the Voicemail Portal, see Cisco VoIP - Voicemail Portal Sign in and Overview

Cisco Self Care Portal

Access the Cisco Self Care Portal (Must be on the campus network or campus VPN to connect).

The Cisco Self Care portal allows users to customize their phone with call forwarding, speed dials, and other features. See Cisco VoIP - Self Care Portal

Soft Phones (Webex & Cisco Jabber)

Webex App

The Webex app allows users to answer their university phone number on their computer or mobile device. Webex has additional features including built in noise-removal capabilities, custom contact list, white-boarding and ability to update your current status. For more information, see Webex App - Getting Started using the Webex App

Cisco Jabber Client

The Jabber client allows users to answer their phones on their computers. This client is available to Windows and Mac users on campus-owned computers. See Cisco VoIP - Jabber for Voice Only Overview and Sign in Information. While Jabber is still available, we recommend using the Webex App for a better experience including:
  1. Background noise cancellation for external callers
  2. Automatic updates
  3. Ability to connect to Cisco Video conferencing equipment on campus for wireless sharing and joining Webex Meetings.
  4. Additional features including a custom contact list, whiteboarding, the ability to update your current status, add bots/apps to your channels

If you need further help, please contact the DoIT Help Desk for assistance.

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