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Payments: Participants Expired, Lost or Stolen Card

Instructions for Participants

If a participant’s Advarra Payments card is lost or stolen, the card should be disabled immediately so that no one else can use their funds.(This only applies to Advarra Payments cards, and no other gift or debit cards)

If the card has expired, it is automatically disabled

Who to contact
During Business Hours Outside of Business Hours
Whenever possible, ask participants to contact your site directly. This is the simplest and most direct way to issue them a new card. For lost or stolen cards, participants can call Hyperwallet Account-holder Services at 1-855-316-5166 to disable the card immediately. They will need to contact you as soon as possible to have a new card issued.

If the participant contacts Account-holder Services first

If the participant loses their card outside of normal business hours, they can call Hyperwallet Account-holder Services to block the card immediately. However, the participant will still need to contact you during business hours to receive a new card.

Instructions for Site Staff

If the participant contacts you first

Replace the card from within the Advarra Participant Payments application.

Instructions for replacing card

Participant check-in/pay users can cancel a participant’s card and transfer all funds to a new ICN within Participant Payments.

  1. From the Admin menu, select Replace Payment Card.
  2. In the search field that appears, type the name of a participant. You can search for any participant enrolled at your organization.
  3. Select the participant.
  4. Type the ICN from the replacement card in the New ICN field, and click Replace. This will transfer all funds to the new card, which is available immediately. The participant’s username/password for will remain the same.

If the Replace Payment Card feature doesn’t work

In certain circumstances, such as when a participant has called Account-holder Services to disable the card, you won’t be able to replace the card through the Participant Payments application. If you encounter an error, simply contact Application Support.

IMPORTANT: To protect PHI when emailing, send the url for the participant page in Participant Payments instead of the participant’s name.

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