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1Payments: Participant Payments Overview [Campus login required]1322402024-04-22491
2Payments: Resource Library [Campus login required]1324132024-06-17232
3OnCore: User Guide - Building OnCore Protocols [Campus login required]432252024-06-071974
4Platform X - Account Activation [Campus login required]1151372024-06-03233
5REDCap: Public Survey Links1374982024-06-214
6Florence eBinders: Roles and Permissions1194752024-06-201569
7Florence eBinders: Resource Library1177152024-06-204012
8Florence eBinders: Process for Managing/Tracking User Accounts During Department* Implementation [Campus login required]1379322024-06-203
9Florence eBinders: Investigator Access Request Email Template [Campus login required]1379242024-06-202
10Florence eBinders: Staff Access Request Email Template [Campus login required]1380032024-06-204
11OnCore WISC: Using the SMPH Requirements Report (Non-oncology) [Campus login required]1182212024-06-176
12Payments: Help/Contact Information1324122024-06-17168
13Payments: Storing W9s [Campus login required]1379372024-06-178
14Florence eBinders: Monitoring Visit Electronic Log (eLog) UW User Guide [Campus login required]1371822024-06-137
15OnCore: Preparing to Submit a Protocol for UROC Review [Campus login required]1283942024-06-12114
16OnCore: UW Health/SMPH Research Operations Committee (UROC) [Campus login required]1283842024-06-12198
17Florence eBinders: Transitioning Paper Delegation of Authority (DOA) Logs to Electronic Logs (eLogs) [Campus login required]1378022024-06-118
18OnCore: Protocol Entry Requirements127752024-06-104318
19OnCore: WISC New Protocol Creation1178722024-06-07504
20Florence eBinders: Deeplinks in OnCore UW User Guide [Campus login required]1161702024-06-0740
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