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REDCap: User Access Dashboard


The User Access Dashboard is available for users who have been assigned User Rights for one or more REDCap projects.  Once you have been assigned User Rights for at least one project, a new option link will be displayed on the "My Projects" tab when you log-in to REDCap. This link provides access to the list of users on your projects, monitor their access (including API tokens), and request action be taken to remove or set expiration for users on the project(s). 

If you have access to the dashboard, you can find links to the User Access Dashboard page under "My Projects".  This link will appear as a single link to review the dashboard, a list of Dashboard pages if you have access to more than one, or in a large "Attention Requested" box if you have not accessed the dashboard within 30 days. 

Link to user access dashboard
Single Link to Access User Access Dashboard

Other links to user access dashboard
Options for Multiple Dashboards and Prompt to Access Dashboard within 30 Days

User Access Dashboard Options

There are several options available within the User Access Dashboard that will allow you to filter your projects and keep track of the users that are accessing them. 

Project Status Filters

  • Projects of all statuses
  • Only development projects
  • Only production projects
  • Only analysis/clean-up projects

Project Purpose Filter

  • Including projects with 'Practice/Just For Fun' purpose
  • Excluding projects with 'Practice/Just For Fun' purpose

From your dashboard, the projects will separate out groups of users per project.  For each user, you can see if any API tokens have been granted, the user's Project Expiration date, and the last time the user accessed the project. 

There are two actions you can take for each user:

  • Delete - Deletes the user from the project
  • Expire - Sets Expiration for the user on the project, but does not remove them entirely. 

After selecting actions, you can select "Save" at the bottom of the page to update for everyone you have selected a status for at once. 

User Access Dashboard Example
User Access Dashboard Example


REDCap may make suggestions of actions to take with users based on the user's most recent access or account status.  For example, if a user's account is suspended REDCap will recommend that you either delete or expire them from the project to make sure the user does not regain access to the project unexpectedly should their account be reactivated. 

User Access Dashboard Recommendations
User Access Dashboard Recommended Actions Example

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