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REDCap: Mobile App - Reporting Issues

The REDCap Mobile App is an add-on feature of the SMPH REDCap instance. This app can be installed on a tablet or mobile device so that data may be collected offline and then later synced back to the project located in SMPH REDCap on the server. Since data is collected via the Mobile App on your device and not on the server, SMPH REDCap support staff are limited in the assistance they can provide when the app shows an error message. SMPH REDCap support staff are not able to access your device or the data and back-end logs that are stored on that device. For this reason, any issues with the Mobile App need to be reported to the app developers from Vanderbilt. They have developed a reporting option within the Mobile App in case something goes wrong when trying to sync your data.

DO NOT refresh your project on the mobile app device until you are sure data has been synced or obtained via the Emergency Data Dump process. Once a project has been refreshed, the data on the device is gone forever.

There are three main parts to reporting an issue with your Mobile App project and it is important to complete all 3 parts to ensure the necessary information is provided.


Part 1 - Send Diagnostic Info (within the device app)

    1. Log into your device with your normal username. Enter your PIN as normal, but add a '00' to the end (2 zeros). This will make it an 8-digit PIN. Log In.

      This will put your app into Testing Mode (Note 'Test Mode On' at the top of your screen) and add a new button at the bottom of the screen that you'll use shortly.

    2. Reproduce your bug/issue - meaning go through all the steps you previously tried to do and get to the screen with the error message/issue.

    3. On the screen with your error message/issue, scroll to the bottom of your screen and push the new button called 'Send Diagnostic Info'.

      This will send vital information to the Vanderbilt App team to help them problem-solve the issue you are having.

If you are unable to reproduce the issue because your screen freezes or you can't push the 'Send Diagnostic Info' button, please proceed to Parts 2 & 3 below.

Screenshot points out Send Diagnostic Info button
Select the "Send Diagnostic Info" button within the Mobile App to share error message with the app developers

Part 2 - Send a Bug Report (within the device app)

    1. After sending your diagnostic information (if you were able to), you will need to send a bug report which contains general information about your device and project. Select 'Report a Bug' on the app home screen.

    2. On the 'Report a Bug' screen, the first few pieces of information are pre-filled from your device. The subsequent fields will need to be filled out as best as you can.
      • Does the issue affect a particular project - select the project you are experiencing the issue in
      • Describe the problem
      • List the steps you take to reproduce the issue - add additional steps as needed using the 'Add Step' button
      • Enter your email address so that the Vanderbilt app team can contact you with any follow-up questions or fixes
      • WARNING - If collecting PHI data, do not send your QR codes. Uncheck this option so that it is not included. Sending a QR code allows the Vanderbilt app team to get a copy of your project to help them trouble-shoot. If your project contains PHI data, this is NOT recommended. The better option is to send the XML of your project metadata. This is a copy of your project, but without any data. Follow the link provided on your device to learn how to access and send your XML metadata.

Once you have completed the fields above, select 'Submit a Report' at the bottom of your device screen to send the information.

Screenshots walk through reporting a bug
Select "Report a Bug", complete the form, and submit the bug report for review

Part 3 - Email the SMPH REDCap support team

SMPH REDCap support staff ( would like to also be alerted if you are having issues with the Mobile App so that we may assist in anyway that we can. Even though we are unable to access information on your device we can help your team with discussions with the Vanderbilt app team.

Additionally, if you were unable to submit a bug report as listed in part 2 above (e.g. your device froze or isn't loading), you can directly contact the Vanderbilt App team via email at

In your email(s), please provide the following information:

  • Type of device experiencing issues (e.g. android or iOS) and version of the device if known
  • Version of the mobile app being used (found in the upper right corner by your username when signed into the device)
  • Version of SMPH REDCap on the server (listed on the SMPH REDCap website at the bottom of any screen - as of 9/17/2020 we are on version 9.3.6)
  • Explanation of the problem or issue(s)
  • If possible, attach a screenshot of the error message(s)

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