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File Management

File Access

File Recovery

File Repository Overview

The File Repository allows users to store, organize, and share files used in a REDCap project. Files can be accessed by project users, unless restricted by role or DAG in created folders.  Some of these files are generated and stored automatically by REDCap, but project users can also upload their own files for tracking and organizational purposes. 

Note: REDCap should NOT be used as a primary file storage system.  Other systems like Box and Secure Box should still be used. In the future, file and folder sizes will be limited on a per project basis. 

file repository main page
File Repository page layout

Users must be given File Repository user rights in order to access the file repository page. 

File Management

By default, there are 3 main folders REDCap uses to organize the File Repository:

  1. Data Export Files  -  Stores any past data or project exports automatically.  Download of exported data will be locked based on user permissions.
    Data Export Folder
    Data Export Files stores a list of all data previously exported
  2. Miscellaneous File Attachments -  Contains files that are auto-added when file attachments are included while embedding images/files in text windows.
    Miscellaneous folder
    Miscellaneous folder auto-stores files used for display in project text windows (survey invites, field labels, etc).
  3. Recycle Bin - Stores deleted files for 30 days.

Additional folders and sub-folders can be created, and there is no limit to number of folders that can be created.  Folder management can help organize the files associated with the REDCap project.  If you would like to move a single file or a group file to a new folder, select the checkbox next to the file name or select the checkbox at the top to Select All.  Then you will be able to Download, Delete, or Move the selected file(s). 

Rearrange files
Select the checkbox for a subset or for all of the files to Download, Delete, or Move the files

If you select "Move", you will be prompted to select the desired folder to move the file(s) to from a drop-down menu of custom folders. 

Move file to folder
Selecting Move will allow you to choose a new folder for a file

File Access Restrictions

If you are using Data Access Groups or user roles in the project, you may limit access to a new folder so that it is DAG-restricted and/or project role-restricted.  Files stored in access restricted folders will only be accessible and viewable by those that have that group's access. 

Data Access Group folder
When creating a folder, the new folder can be restricted by DAG or by User Role

If Data Access Groups exist in the project, please be aware that any files uploaded will be available to ALL project users unless the files have been uploaded into a DAG-restricted folder.

File Recovery

All deleted files will go to the Recycle Bin where they can be restored/undeleted for up to 30 days, after which they will be permanently deleted.

Restore files
Recycle Bin folder shows list of deleted files and includes an option to restore the file

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