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REDCap: Piping with checkbox fields

Piping from checkbox fields is slightly different than with other field types because checkboxes allow for multiple saved values. There are options to display a list of checked choices, unchecked choices, or a specific choice.

    [my_checkbox:checked] - Appending ':checked' will display a comma-delimited list of choice labels that have been checked - e.g., 'Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday'. Note: If neither ':checked' nor ':unchecked' is appended to the variable, then it will default to ':checked'.
    [my_checkbox:unchecked] - Appending ':unchecked' will display a comma-delimited list of choice labels that have NOT been checked - e.g., 'Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday'.
    [my_checkbox(code)] - If a coded value of the checkbox is included inside parentheses after the variable name - e.g., [my_checkbox:(2)] - then it will output the word 'Checked' or 'Unchecked' regarding whether or not that specific choice has been checked off.

Please note that while the checkbox piping options listed above will return the text labels, you may also append ':value' to the variable to return the raw value instead of the label. For example, [my_checkbox:checked:value] and [my_checkbox:unchecked:value] might return '1, 3, 5' and '2, 4, 6, 7', respectively, and [my_checkbox(2):value] will return 1 or 0 if checked or not checked, respectively.

Examples below use descriptive fields and all reference the "Days of the week" (days_week) field:

Image shows an example of a finished product using the steps above
Piping output of Checkbox Fields

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