WiscIT - Creating a New Dashboard

This document describes the process of creating a new dashboard in WiscIT. This can only be done with the desktop client.
  1. Open the Dashboard Manager. For help accessing the Dashboard Manager, see WiscIT - Accessing the Dashboard Manager
  2. Select a scope (User, Role, Team, or Global). This will determine who is able to use the dashboard you create. Please note that some users only have permissions to create dashboards in the user scope.
  3. Click the Create New addbutton.png button.
  4. The Dashboard Properties window will open. These properties can be changed later in the Dashboard Editor by clicking on the dashboard properties Dashboardproperties.png icon in the toolbar.

Dashboard Properties

Example of the Dashboard Properties window
  • Name: This is a mandatory field to be filled before the Dashboard Editor will open. It will be the name used to label your dashboard in the Dashboard Manager.
  • Description: This is an optional field used to futher describe the functions of the dashboard.
  • Title Text: The title entered in this field will appear above the dashboard when it's open in WiscIT. This is an optional field.
  • Associate: Associates the Dashboard with a Business Object. (Ex. When you open a dashboard that is associated with the Incident Business Object, the Quick Search Pane automatically switches to searching Incidents, and the main New button option defaults to creating a new Incident).
  • Options: This section allows you to define the more advanced properties of the dashboard.
    • Display: Select a theme to style the fonts and widgets on the dashboard. Selecting a theme is optional, and can be changed at any time.
    • Filter: Use this section to configure how filter criteria behave.
    • Refresh: This section determines how often the dashboard and individual widgets refresh.

Example of the Dashboard Properties window
  • Availability: Select a scope (User, Role, Team, or Global) to limit who has access to the dashboard you are creating. If you already selected a scope at the beginning, this is autofilled with your selection.
  • Association: If applicable, select a more specific scope for the dashboard (such as the desired team association). applies scope based on login. If not applicable, this is grayed out.
  • Custom Image: Click the "No Image" button to open the Image Manager. Select or add a new image to represent the dashboard in the Dashboard Manager.
  • After the Dashboard Properties is filled out according to your specifications, select OK to open the Dashboard Editor.

For information on using the Dashboard Editor, see [Link for document 42293 is unavailable at this time]

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