WiscIT - Sending Links in Emails

This document explains how to send links in emails friendly

The WiscIT Expression editor allows you to create hyperlinks that can be sent and easily clicked on by text viewers without having the url in the text that appears. Cherwell refers to this as a "Friendly Link", and there is a special way of inserting them into text.

Inserting a Friendly Link

    1. Open up a text field for something such as an email template.
    2. Right click on the text field to bring up a list of field values. Near the bottom, there will be "Expressions" in the list. Click on it.
    3. Click "New Customer Expression" from the expressions dropdown.

Example of Expressions inside the Field Selector Window

    1. Change the expression type to be a text expression.

Example of changing expression type to Text

    1. Enter the link using the friendly format, which is "[Link]text-to-display;URL" (without the quotation marks). For example, a friendly link to the KB would look like "[LINK]UW-KnowledgeBase;http://kb.wisc.edu"

Example of writing the text expression

  1. Click "OK". The text expression will save, and when the one-step runs, it will be replaced by the friendly link.

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