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ASA Document 394. CEBC Annual Report 06-07

Academic Staff Assembly Document #394

10 December 2007

Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee (CEBC) Annual Report 
July 1, 2006 - June 30, 2007 
Committee Members: 
Tom Achtor 
Susan Crowley 
Marcia Jezwinski 
Karen Tusack 
Beth Workmaster 
Bill Steffenhagen 
Dave Drummond 
Kay Schoenherr 
Dennis Ray

Issues studied included the following: 

- Revised definition of Distinguished Prefix, submitted to and passed by the Academic Staff Assembly 

- Category A salary maxima 

- AS governance response to the Legislative Audit Bureau’s report on Unclassified Leave Reporting 

- Reinstatement of benefits after 5 years absence (instead of the current 3 years – see below) 

- Domestic partners health insurance benefits

* CEBC is investigating options that would allow academic staff members who have a break in employment service of 3 yrs to 5 yrs to reinstate previously earned sick leave hours. Academic staff members currently can reinstate earned sick leave hours if they return to a UW System position within 3 years. UW System classified staff can reinstate earned sick leave hours if they return to a state classified position within 5 years.

* CEBC is continuing to try and solve the problems caused by the fact that Category A Academic Staff are the only employees who have a cap on their salaries set by law. As most new hires are hired at or above the middle range of their salary levels, we find that the best employees soon hit their salary ceiling and can no longer be rewarded through extra merit raises or base increases. We are continuing to collect statistics and expect to make a recommendation to ASA next year.

* CEBC drafted a resolution reaffirming ASA’s support of Domestic Partner Health benefits, which was passed unanimously by the Assembly.

* CEBC drafted the AS governance response to the LAB’s report on Unclassified Staff Leave Reporting, which was delivered to the Regent’s special committee on the LAB report and to System’s Fringe Benefits Advisory Committee.

* CEBC staffed a table at the October benefits fair, where they provided the handouts on “Know your Benefits”, the Office of Employee Compensation and Benefits Services’ “Benefits at a Glance” handout and one on current Domestic Partner benefits. CEBC also asked Academic Staff members to submit questions about their job benefits and job satisfaction in general.

* CEBC elected its new chair for the '07-'08 fiscal year.

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