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1ASA Document 381. Support of Domestic Partner Benefits 4-9-07377242020-07-132433
2ASA Document 366. Resolution to support continued funding for institutional projects begun by the WISELI grant345682020-07-132400
3ASA Document 367. PPPC Annual Report 05-06345692020-07-132437
4ASA Document 368. Resolution Regarding the Campus Initiative to Address the LTE Policies345702020-07-132539
5ASA Document 369. Nominating Committee Annual Report 05-06345712020-07-132971
6ASA Document 370. Collective Bargaining: Criteria when considering enabling legislation345722020-07-132621
7ASA Document 371. Academic Staff Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC) Annual Report 2005-2006345732020-07-132168
8ASA Document 372. DRC Annual Report 05-06345742020-07-132592
9ASA Document 373. New Scientist district345762020-07-132458
10ASA Document 374. Resolution on Collective Bargaining Academic Staff Criteria When Considering Enabling Legislation345772020-07-132456
11ASA Document 375. Madison Campus Academic Staff Assembly Resolution on the Growth Agenda for the University of Wisconsin System345782020-07-132482
12ASA Document 379. Resolution on Implementation of Board of Regents’ Nondiscrimination Provisions Based on Gender Identity and Gender Expression345792020-07-132621
13ASA Document 380. University Club 100th Anniversary345802020-07-132263
14ASA Document 382. Resolution on the Governor's Budget Proposal Relating to Faculty and Academic Staff Labor Relations345932020-07-132448
15ASA Document 383. Proposed language for ASPP revision for new standing committee of the Assembly - Communications Comm.345942020-07-132942
16ASA Document 384. ASPP revisions for Distinguished Prefix345952020-07-132781
17ASA Document 385. Resolution on the Restoration of Unused Accumulated Sick Leave Credits after a Break in Employment with UW System345962020-07-132673
18ASA Document 386. Standing Committee Ballots 07345972020-07-132403
19ASA Document 387. PDRC Annual Report 06-07345982020-07-132531
20ASA Document 388. PPPC Annual Report 06-07345992020-07-132454
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