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41ASA Document 101. Resolution in Response to Gov. Comp. Commission Report, 9-21-92338362020-07-132422
42ASA Document 114. NC Ballot (1993)338512020-07-132182
43ASA Document 115. CEBC Ballot338522020-07-132060
44ASA Document 116. PPPC Ballot338532020-07-132209
45ASA Document 117. PDRC Ballot338542020-07-132063
46ASA Document 118. SCPPP Motions on Emeritus Status for Academic Staff338552020-07-132608
47ASA Document 119. Composition of the Athletic Board338562020-07-132243
48ASA Document 120. Academic Staff Assembly Districts338582020-07-132281
49ASA Document 121. Revocation of Athletic Dept. Portion of Parking Fees338592020-07-132488
50ASA Document 122. Memorial Resolution for Kenneth D. Kostenbader, Jr.338602020-07-132160
51ASA Document 123. Nominees to ASPRO Board of Directors338612020-07-132308
52ASA Document 124. Initial ASEC Slate (1994)338622020-07-132059
53ASA Document 125. Official ASEC Ballot338632020-07-132108
54ASA Document 126. CEBC Slate (1994)338642020-07-132274
55ASA Document 127. PDRC Slate338652020-07-132125
56ASA Document 128. NC Slate338662020-07-132102
57ASA Document 129. PPPC Slate338672020-07-132203
58ASA Document 130. CEBC Ballot (1994)338682020-07-132266
59ASA Document 131. PDRC Ballot338692020-07-132230
60ASA Document 132. NC Ballot338702020-07-132145
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