End Employment :: Student Hourly - End a Student Hourly Appointment
You must notify ASU OHR of any student employees that are no longer working for your unit. Please follow the instructions below.


Note: Let ASU OHR know in advance if a student appointment is ending.
  1. Email asu.hr@ohr.wisc.edu and include the following information in your request:
    • Provide the legal first and last name of the student.
    • Provide the date of the expected last day of work (or when the last day was).
    • Provide the reason that the appointment is ending (e.g. Graduation, resignation, expired funding, etc).
    • Consult with ASU for short-term or temporary employment options for students after they graduate.
    • Follow your divisional offboarding process to properly offboard your student. Reach out to asu.hr@ohr.wisc.edu with offboarding questions or to request resources.

If a former student employee needs assistance with accessing paystubs, tax information, or other employment related questions, they should reach out to asu.hr@ohr.wisc.edu. 

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