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Graduate Assistant Employment :: Graduate Assistant - Start Here to Hire a Graduate Assistant

If you need to hire a Graduate Assistant employee follow these instructions. They provide step-by-step guidance for hiring through the Student Jobs Platform. All Graduate Assistant employees must be hired using this platform. The hiring platform itself is robust in its functionality, but not all of it needs to be utilized for every hire. These articles call out pieces that ASU divisions will use as well as ASU-specific requirements.


  • All Graduate Assistant positions must be hired through the Student Jobs Portal.
  • The Student Jobs Portal is a hiring workflow that is managed and maintained by the Student Employment Office at UW-Madison.
  • Administrative Services Unit (ASU) in the Office of Human Resources (OHR) will only accept requests to hire students that are submitted through the Student Jobs Portal.

BEFORE You Begin:

  1. Contact your supervisor. Make sure to work with them to verify which funding will be used to pay for the student.
  2. Contact your financial manager for the correct funding string(s). When you are ready to make a hire, you will insert the funding codes into the position details section of the offer card. 


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