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The hiring manager will work with the Administrative Services Unit (ASU) Office of Human Resources (OHR) to determine whether or not the appointment will be in a position of trust (POT). This will occur during the creation of the job requisition. ASU OHR will make the final determination regarding whether or not the appointment is a POT. If it is determined that this position requires a criminal background check (CBC) the applicant(s) will need to pass a CBC prior to being offered a job. The CBC will be conducted by ASU OHR.


  • If it has been determined that your position requires a criminal background check (during the job creation stage) then your applicant must pass a background check before you can send the applicant a job offer.
  • The hiring manager must request a CBC by changing the applicant’s status to “Background Check” and sending the email notification to the HR Representative, 
  • The Student Jobs Platform does not have any background check capabilities. 
  • ASU OHR will know to initiate the background check when the notification is sent.
  • Background checks are processed through UW-Madison’s third party provider, HireRight. 
  • Refer to UW-Madison Criminal Background Check Policy
  • ASU will change the applicant's status to "Background Check Successful" and notify the hiring manager through a system notification to proceed with creating the offer if the applicant has passed the background check. 

Instructions to Request a Background Check

  • You must navigate to the manage applications screen and be in the list view. For reference see Manage/Review Applications - Bulk Move KB
  • Select the box next to the applicant(s) name you want to request the background check for. Then select the drop down under “Select a bulk Action” and choose “Bulk Move.
Select background check and then select next
  • Select “Background Check” and then select "Next"

Bulk action drop down; select bulk move

  • Select "No" next to "E-mail Applicant," select "Yes" next to "Additional Users from Job," and select "HR Representative" as an additional user to notify ASU of the change to Background Check status. This is how it's communicated to ASU to start the background check process
 Select background check and next
  • Select "Yes" next to “Update job status from (current status) to Background checking.” Click the "Move Now" button and it will move the applicant into the Background Check status. 

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