Activity 2: LCA of Dairy Systems

Instructions: Below are six peer-reviewed article. Proceed as follow:

  1. Individually (4 min.) please open the article corresponding to your table number and read the Abstract, the last few statements of the introduction where you should find the objective of the research, and the conclusions. Then looks and the Figure and Tables. Try to extract as much information and related data without reading the entire article.

  2. In pairs or groups of three (4 min.), please share your thoughts about the article with your partners. Using Microsoft words write a summary statement about what you believe are the main findings of the articles, its strength(s) and its limitation(s)

  3. At your table (3 min.) Share your summary statement and rewrite one statement representative of the views of everyone at your table. One spoke-person must be ready to share this summary statement with the class using your TV projector. 

  4. At the end of the discussion, please upload your final summary statement in the dropbox.
Peer-Review articles:
  1. Bell-2011.pdf: The effect of improving cow productivity, fertility, and longevity on the global warming potential of dairy systems

  2. Beukes-2010.pdf: Improving production efficiency as a strategy to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions on pastoral dairy farms in New Zealand

  3. Cederberg-2000.pdf: Life cycle assessment of milk production — a comparison of conventional and organic farming

  4. Cederberg-2011.pdf: Including Carbon Emissions from Deforestation in the Carbon Footprint of Brazilian Beef

  5. Flysjo-2011.pdf: The impact of various parameters on the carbon footprint of milk production in New Zealand and Sweden

  6. VanMansvelt-1998.pdf: Comparison of landscape features in organic and conventional farming systems

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