Activity: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Livestock: Best practices and Emerging Options

The goal of this activity is to discuss the internationally recognized practices that would contribute to reducing emissions from Livestock Operations. 


  1. Please identify yourself in the Table below and read the details of the options you have been assigned to.  

  2. Then, write at least one short entry on the appropriate "discussion board" highlighting from your perspective the relative merit of the option for organic milk producers and conventional milk producers (use one post per "main idea" if the 500 character limit is constraining).  Is this an option we should recommend in our case-study report? Would the option be of equal value for both system or would it give a (competitive?) advantage to a system versus the other?
    1. Discussion board for Feed and Nutrition
    2. Discussion board for Animal Genetics and Breeding
    3. Discussion board for Rumen Modification
    4. Discussion board for Animal Health
    5. Discussion board for Manure Management
    6. Discussion board for Grassland Management 

  3. Please come to class prepared to explain how this option would reduce emission, and justify your assessment of its relative merit for organic and conventional dairy producers.

 Adeline Wells  Grassland Management  Pages 28-30
 Fei Sun  Feed and Nutrition  Pages 8-11
 Jordan Ebert  Animal Genetics and Breeding  Pages 12-15
 Jeremy Latournel  Rumen Modification  Pages 16-18
 Tim Allen  Animal Health  Pages 20-22
 Chelsea Zegler  Manure Management  Pages 24-26
 Alisha Bower  Grassland Management  Pages 28-30
 Douglas Lee  Feed and Nutrition  Pages 8-11
 Jordan DeLong  Animal Genetics and Breeding  Pages 12-15
 Will Mulhern  Rumen Modification  Pages 16-18
 Gabriel Orduna  Animal Health  Pages 20-22
 Aida Farrokh  Manure Management  Pages 24-26
 Di Liang  Grassland Management  Pages 28-30
 Ryan Horsen  Feed and Nutrition  Pages 8-11
 Soo Kim  Animal Genetics and Breeding  Pages 12-15
 Claire Campbell  Rumen Modification  Pages 16-18
 Monica Daane  Animal Health  Pages 20-22
 Rachel Carlson  Manure Management  Pages 24-26
 Nicole Cancel  Grassland Management  Pages 28-30
 Julia Prieto  Feed and Nutrition  Pages 8-11

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