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Search for an applicant or application

How to find an applicant/application in Slate and quickly figure out where they are in the in workflow

Searching for an applicant

Using the Omni Search (search bar in the upper right corner of most Slate pages), you can search for a Person Record using any of the following criteria:

  • First and last name (in either order)
  • Preferred name
  • Campus ID (if the record has one)
  • Applicant email
  • Applicant phone number
  • The Person Record reference number (a unique ID for each prospective student in Slate; this is what students are provided in their Slate application portal).

Graphic showing how the Omni Search bar can be used to look up an applicant by campus ID, name, or phone number.

Searching for an application

  1. Search for the applicant using the search methods above
  2. Click into the Application Tab, will be located near the top of the page underneath the applicant's name (see screenshot below). There may be multiple Application Tabs if the applicant has applied to multiple programs. At the very top of the Application Tab, you'll see the application title, which for the example below is MS 933EDU - Spring 2025. This title is comprised of the Academic Plan code (MS 933EDU) and the entry term (Spring 2025). 

Screenshot of an applicant's Person Record in Slate, previewing the Application Tab.

Opening and reading an application from the Person Record

  1. Navigate to the applicant's Application Tab (using the directions above)

  2. Select the Read Application link, which is on the right side of the Application Tab.
    Read Application link on the right side of the Application Tab
  3. In the window that appears, click the Workflow dropdown and select Application Review (it will be the only option)

  4. Select the Read button in the bottom left of the window.

  5. Arrive at the application, which will look like the screenshot below.
    Application Review

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