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Send an email to a single applicant in Slate

How to quickly email an applicant in Slate

Emailing an Individual Applicant in Slate

You can quickly send an email to an applicant by clicking on their email address in Slate. There are two notable places where an applicant's email link exists:

  1. In the Dashboard tab of the Person Record
    • Search for a student using Omni Search
    • In the Dashboard tab of the Person Record, select the email listed under the Connect section on the right side of the screen
      Screenshot of where you can find a clickable email in the Person Record's Dashboard tab, as described above.

  2. In the Header dropdown when reviewing an application in Reader
    • When in the application reader, select the name of the applicant at the top left of the screen
    • In the dropdown panel that appears, select the email address
      Screenshot of where to find an applicant's email in the Application Reader of Slate, described above.


Tour of the Send Message Email Editor

When you click on an email address, a Send Message email editor window appears, as shown in the screenshot below:

Screenshot of the Send Message Email Editor in Slate, which is described in more detail below.

  1. Message Details
    • Sender: This will default to your Slate email, which is [NetID] Do not change the sender name; if you change it to a different email address, there is a good chance it will end up in the recipient's Spam or Junk folder or blocked by a firewall. Please note that all emails sent to your Slate email will automatically funnel back into your [NetID] email account.
    • Recipient: This will default to the address of the student selected; while you can change it, you cannot add additional recipients here
    • CC: Adding email addresses here will send them a copy of the email as well; the recipient of the email will be able to see that those addresses were also included on the email
    • Subject: Subject of the email that will show up in the person's email account
  2. Email HTML text editor: Your typical WYSIWYG email editor with the send button below. There is no character or word limit.
  3. Snippets panel: A list of your Snippets, which are chunks of texts you can create and add to your email. An upcoming section of this module will go over Snippets in much more detail.
  4. Special feature buttons: In the bottom right corner of the window, you will see four additional buttons, described in detail going from left to right below:
    • Send later button: Selecting this button will allow you to select a time within the next 24 hours to send the email.
    • Camera button: Selecting this button will allow you to record a video of yourself and imbed it in the email.
    • First Draft button (button with three stars): Selecting this button will allow you to use an AI feature to write a draft of an email for you. We describe this feature in a bit more detail in the Tips & Tricks section of this training.
    • Paperclip Attachment button: Allows you to attach documents to the email message


Reviewing Sent Emails to an Applicant

If you wish to review what emails an applicant has received via Slate, follow the directions below:

  1. Search for the student's Person Record using the Omni Search bar
  2. Go to the Timeline tab
  3. Look through the list of interactions, or use the Interactions subtab to filter for Messages as shown in the screenshot below:
    Screenshot of the Timeline section of the Person Record, showing how to filter for email messages in the Interactions subtab.
  4. Select the message you wish to review; you can resend the message if you wish.



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