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Check Your Program's Supplemental Application in Slate

This document explains how to check your program's Supplemental Application in Slate. You'll have to repeat this process for each program you administer, as Supplemental Applications are unique to each program.

Step 1: Log into the Slate Test Environment

Step 2: Find Your Program's "Bucky"

  • Using the Omni Search bar in the top right section of Slate, look up the Buckingham test applicant applying to your program
    • First name: Buckingham
    • Last name: Your Program's Slate ID, which is similar to your Academic Plan Code. If you need to find your program's Slate ID/Academic Plan code, follow these directions below:
      1. Look up your program using the same Omni Search bar by name (e.g., searching for "Sports Leadership" would bring up "Sports Leadership MS")
      2. Your program's Slate ID is listed in the top right corner (see screenshot below); this will be your Buckingham's last name
        Screenshot of Slate Program Details section, with the program's Slate ID in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Impersonate Your Bucky's Application

  • Navigate to the Application Tab of Bucky's record (it will be the tab titled with your Academic Plan code at the top, shown in the screenshot below)
    Screenshot of highlting Bucky's application tab in Slate

  • Select Impersonate > Applications link on Bucky's Application Tab (see screenshot below)
    Screenshot of Bucky's application tab, highlighting the "Impersonate > Applications" link on the right side of screen.

  • In the window that appears select Open Application (see screenshot below), which will open Bucky's application to your Program.
    Screenshot of the Open Application pop-up, highlighting the Open Application button

  • Navigate to your Program's Supp App to review how it is being displayed in Slate. The Supp App section of the application will be the title of your program. For the purposes of this exercise, you may want to provide sample answers to any supplemental questions you have and/or upload documents so you can later see how these documents will display when reviewing an application. If you have questions or issues with how your Supp App is being displayed in Slate contact Please provide the specific Program Slate ID (Bucky's Last Name) of the Program requiring attention.

  • To exit out of application, at the top of the application in a light gray box, you should see the notice that states: "Impersonation Active: You may be able to see data and make changes that the user might not be able to see or do directly. Avoid impersonating multiple records simultaneously in a single browser session." Select the small "x" to on the right side of the box (see screenshot below).
    Screenshot of Impersonation Active notice, with the "X" highlighted, which should be clicked to exit the impersonation.

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