Internal Fellowship Process

Summary of Internal Fellowship Process

To increase efficiency and improve service to students programs are responsible for adding Graduate School-funded internal fellows to payroll, managing benefits, and both authorizing and paying for non-resident tuition, segregated fees, and other academic fees.

Hiring and payroll
Instructions to update the Payroll status on Fellowship Tracking System (FTS) (UpdatePayrollStatusonFTS.pdf)
JEMS Hiring Manual (FellowJEMSHireManualMarch2020.pdf).
Award ID for Job Aid: MSN209708
Grant Administrator for Job Aid: Graduate School with funding from WARF

Offer and confirmation letters
Offer letters should be sent to prospective students, recent admits, and continuing students when making a fellowship offer. Confirmation letters should be created and sent to all students receiving a fellowship prior to the start date of the fellowship. Below are a template and fillable spreadsheet. The template is set up to use Mail Merge. To do this, enter the information for each fellow in the spreadsheet. Then in the template click the heading "Mailings," then select "Start Mail Merge" and use the "Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard." Select "Use an existing list and select the spreadsheet." This will auto-populate your fellowship letters and prepare them to print out for your students. If you prefer not to use mail merge, you can edit this manually in Word, as well.

Offer letter template - OfferLetterTemplate.docx
Confirmation letter template - ConfirmationLetterTemplate.docx
Excel spreadsheet for confirmation letter mail merge - FellowsforMailMerge-Internal(KB).xlsx
Fellowship dates and stipends cheat sheet - Fellowshiptypecheatsheet.xlsx
2021 biweekly payroll calendar - pay-uncl-bw-calendars-2021.pd

Move to biweekly payroll calendar
As you may be aware, the University of Wisconsin-System is moving to a biweekly payroll calendar in July 2021. This will not impact the total stipend values of fellowships, but it will impact the frequency with which students are paid as well as the dates of their first paychecks. Please be aware that as more information is shared by University of Wisconsin-System and University of Wisconsin-Madison Office of Human Resources about the transition to a biweekly payroll schedule, fellowship dates are subject to change. I will communicate any changes to dates if and when I receive them.  When sending out offer letters, we suggest including the following wording: "The University of Wisconsin-System is transitioning all employees to a biweekly payroll schedule. As a result, the terms of your appointment such as start and end dates of your fellowship appointment are subject to change, however you are guaranteed your total stipend."

Concurrent appointments
Students can hold a concurrent appointment as a TA, RA, PA, or student hourly with their fellowship within the limits set out in the current university policy. Whenever assistantships (RA, TA, or PA) are combined with fellowships or traineeships, total compensation cannot exceed the department’s full-time RA rate that was reported to the Graduate School for the current year. (fellowship/traineeship + assistantship = total compensation). The list of approved program rates can be found on the Graduate Assistantships webpage, under Assistantship Salaries by Program.

How do I submit addition fellowship appointments throughout the year? 
Please email with the following information at least four weeks before the end of the semester prior to the semester the fellowship is set to begin. Example: Mid July for Fall, Mid November for Spring, and Mid April for Summer: 
1. PDF of student acceptance letter 
2. Student name and campus ID 
3. Fellowship type. 
4. Fellowship length 
5. 135 funding string

What qualifies as "internal fellowships"?
We use the term "internal" to mean fellowships funded by the Graduate School, such as University Fellowships and Kemper Knapp Fellowships.

Does this process affect other fellowships like AOF and NSF fellowships? 
No. This process will only affect internal fellowships. All external fellowships processes, e.g. NSF fellowships, will remain the same. AOF fellowships have been and will continue to be managed by the college/division level.  

Does this process affect current fellows? 
No. This process will only apply to new fellows starting in Fall 2020.

What do I do if a student opts to defer their enrollment?
Due to COVID-19, we anticipate a higher lever of deferments than usual. If a student chooses to defer enrollment, email with the student's name and campus ID as soon as possible.

Who is responsible for benefits? 
Department/School/College level HR offices have always been responsible for fellow benefits and they will continue to be responsible for fellow benefits. 

How to I set up fellowship appointments in JEMS? 
Please work with your department/school/college level HR office to see who should be in charge of the step. The JEMS Hiring Manual above include step by step guide.

What is the difference between third party authorization and tuition remission?
Third party authorization pays for a fellow's in-state tuition and fees. To learn more about third party authorization, please visit the Bursar's Office website. Tuition remission waives the student's out-of-state portion of their tuition. For 2020-2021, programs should submit third party authorization forms to the Bursar's Office for their internal fellows, the Graduate School will submit tuition remission for all internal fellows.

Why are we hiring fellows each semester? 
It's a current practice here in OVCRGE HR office. Starting in Fall 2020, your department/school/college HR office may make decisions on that. 

WRS eligibility/ITIN questions. 
All HR/benefit related questions should be referred to your department/school/college HR office or campus OHR.  

How can I access the Fellowship Tracking System?
Log in here with your NetID: Graduate Program Coordinators & Payroll Contacts listed in the Unit Directory have access. 

How do I update roles (fellowship coordinator, payroll contact) in the Unit Directory? 
Directions to update the Unit Directory can be found here: 

What resources are available to support small departments to get ready for this new process? 
Small department without payroll specialists should reach out the school/college level HR offices for support. Small departments will also have very limited number of fellows they need to manage.

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