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Kaltura - How to Upload Videos to MediaSpace using Your Phone (UW-Madison)

This document shows students, instructors, and other users of UW-Madison Kaltura MediaSpace how to upload videos using their smartphone (iOS or Android). Using your smartphone is a easy way to record videos and get them into Kaltura.

Warning! Uploading videos takes a lot of data! The Learn@UW team recommends that you wait until you are on WiFi to upload videos to Kaltura.

There are two methods to upload media to Kaltura: 

  1. KMS Go App  
  2. Your phone's internet browser. 

The preferred method utilizes Kaltura's KMS Go App. To create or upload content follow these instructions.

The second method to upload content is through your phone's Internet Browser. To do so, follow these steps:

    Record your video with your Android or iPhone Camera application.
    1. Open a browser application on your smartphone and navigate to
    2. Click the person icon in the top right corner. Click "Media Upload".

    3. (Optional) If you have not yet logged in to Kaltura MediaSpace, you will now be prompted to log in.
    4. Click Choose a file to upload.
    5. Either select a previously recorded video (recommended) or record a new video.
    6. The video will begin to upload and "Upload Completed!" will display when finished.
    7. (Optional) Kaltura will automatically set the file name as the name of the uploaded video. The file name is not always the best for identifying the video at a later date, so it is recommended that you give your video a more relevant title by changing the "Name" field.
    8. Once finished modifying the metadata, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

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