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AEFIS is now HelioCampus AC. For information about the HelioCampus AC rebrand, review this KnowledgeBase document

HelioCampus AC (formerly AEFIS) offers several reports, as a way of analyzing responses to course evaluations. This document explains the structure and context of these reports, and provides links to detailed pages for each report UW-Madison currently supports.

HelioCampus AC Course Evaluation Reports

The Course Evaluations module, within HelioCampus AC, is used to collect course evaluations from students. Once the students have responded, and the course evaluation survey has closed, you may be interested in viewing the data from responses. Instructors also have access to this data and to several reports.

For this purpose, HelioCampus AC has produced several pre-built reports. Below are links to documents that will provide information and instructions on running UW-Madison's most common HelioCampus AC reports.

Accessing the Reports

There are two common routes to accessing the HelioCampus AC course evaluation reports.

Option 1: Sidebar

  1. Log into your HelioCampus AC dashboard, at
  2. Select the Main Menu button (upper-left corner) to open the sidebar.
    Image of HelioCampus Main Menu button: three stacked lines
  3. Select Report Library.
    Image of HelioCampus AC main menu with "report Library" highlighted

This will open the report dashboard and display a master list of all reports currently available within HelioCampus AC including Survey and Course Evaluation Reports. (Note: You have to scroll down to locate these reports).

Image of Report LIbrary homepage; with first 6 report options shown

Option 2: Dashboard

The other route to access the HelioCampus AC Course Evaluation reports, is simply from your HelioCampus AC dashboard.

  1. Log into your HelioCampus AC dashboard, at
  2. Locate the panel titled Reports and scroll down for the Survey and Course Evaluation Reports.
    Image of Course Evaluation Reports available on the HelioCampus AC homepage.
  3. This is the same indexed list of available reports as you would see in the Report Library (Option 1 shown above.)

Both routes lead to the same list of available reports. Be Advised: There are many reports available, but many are not used. Most reports are in the sections Course and Course Section Audits and Survey and Course Evaluation Reports.

Common HelioCampus AC Course Evaluation Reports

When viewing the list of reports, notice how the list is broken into groups. The first group of reports is titled, Course & Course Section Reports. The second group is Assignment Reports, and so on.

Below are links to the informational KB documents for each report we currently recommend for use.

Report Group: Course and Course Section Audits

Report Group: Survey and Course Evaluation Reports

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