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Direct evidence of student learning (DESL) is an assessment approach that allows instructors to evaluate learning based on student performance on tasks directly connected to course learning outcomes. This document shows how instructors can view individual and aggregate data obtained with DESL. DESL is currently only intended for use in credit-based courses, and will not be accessible in noncredit courses.

DESL Reports

Instructors may view DESL reports at anytime. 

  1. Log into Canvas and navigate to your course.
  2. Select Direct Evidence of Student Learning (HelioCampus AC) from the course navigation menu.
    DESL located on Canvas course navigation bar
  3. It takes about 10 seconds to make the connection to the Assignment Linking page. Once connected the following screen appears showing all learning outcomes associated with this course section. You have previously completed the linking and you now want to view reports.
    DESL home page assignment linking
  4.  Click on the three horizontal lines (hamburger) to open the HelioCampus AC menu.
    three lines commonly called the hambuger menu
  5. Select Assessment Data
    assessment data menu
  6. Next select either aggregate or individual results.
    assessment report options

Individual Results

individual resultsIndividual results will provide you with the results for each student by learning outcome.

individual DESL data report

If you click on one of the outcome performance level numbers number at the cross-section of student and outcome, a menu containing additional details will open on the right displaying the rubric criteria, assignment weighting, comments, and artifact, when available:

individual DESL details

Aggregate Results

aggregate results The aggregate results provide a view of aggregated student outcome assessment data by outcome. 

You may toggle this screen by the type of outcome by selecting one of the option at the top right.

You can also dis-aggregate the data by the student major/degree by using the By Degree drop-down item at the top right. Additional details are found in Show details at the bottom right of the outcome.

You may click on each assignment to reveal any additional data. Such as assignment rubric criteria or quiz questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about DESL. 

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