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1Zoom - Using Learning Analytics in Zoom [UW-Madison]1131412023-09-272896
2Canvas - Overview [UW-Madison]626302023-09-2251962
3Canvas - Requesting a Feature [UW-Madison]765792024-04-025188
4HIPAA - FAQs for the Online HIPAA Privacy & Security Training611952023-10-2511496
5Kaltura Capture - Installation [UW-Madison]905302023-10-2432950
6Canvas - Known Issue - No Results from YouTube Search in Canvas [UW-Madison]990212023-10-122810
7Canvas - FAQs for Noncredit Courses [UW-Madison]854792023-09-2712908
8Canvas - Deleting Folders on the Files Tab [UW-Madison]1075132023-09-226288
9Canvas - Requesting to Rename a Course [UW-Madison]940132023-09-222151
10Canvas - Hiding a Course From Your Dashboard [UW-Madison]901082023-09-206347
11Canvas - Access Denied Error [UW-Madison]939422023-09-1914706
12Canvas - Training Resources [UW-Madison]637822023-09-1435803
13Canvas - Attendance (Roll Call) tool [UW-Madison]948512023-09-123021
14Kaltura - Webcam Recording in Canvas [UW-Madison]919302023-07-2411088
15Canvas - Using the Course Summary Tool [UW-Madison]918442023-06-2953255
16Kaltura Capture - Notation Tools [UW-Madison]905992023-06-197587
17Canvas - How Automated Course and Section Creation Works [UW-Madison]658702023-05-0913472
18Canvas - Early Access / Extending Course Access [UW-Madison]764522023-05-088399
19Canvas - Setting a Time Zone in Canvas [UW-Madison]1010212023-04-1010768
20Canvas - Holds for UHS Courses [UW-Madison]1269392023-03-29606
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