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1561Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee Agenda 08-10-22120450The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2022-08-10578
1562Microsoft Security Essentials (Win) - Detecting and Removing Viruses13716DoIT Help Desk2022-08-029322
1563Chrome (Mac) - Clearing Cache and Cookies15153DoIT Help Desk2022-07-27630084
1564AWS accounts reaching campus networks and resources111768Public Cloud2022-07-25905
1565L&S Tips: Quorum and Parliamentary Procedural Rules for Department/Program Governance21624L&S KB2022-07-258086
1566Security - Protecting your Data from Viruses and Unauthorized Use613DoIT Help Desk2022-07-2031579
1567Past Research Seminar (2022 Spring) - Real Estate and Urban Land Economics119572Wisconsin School of Business2022-07-12369
1568Personnel Policies and Procedures Committee Agenda 07-13-22119566The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2022-07-12693
1569How to Update Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash13286DoIT Help Desk2022-07-1210720
1570University Of Wisconsin-Madison Policy For Supplementation And Concurrent Appointments For Postdoctoral Employees-In-Training Fellowships Or Traineeships34827VCRGE and Graduate School2022-07-0712447
1571LastPass - What’s the Difference Between LastPass Enterprise, LastPass Premium, and LastPass Free Accounts?103552Cybersecurity2022-07-066326
1572All Campus Animal Planning and Advisory Committee59863VCRGE and Graduate School2022-07-064575
1573Azure - Installing and Configuring Azure PowerShell68732Public Cloud2022-07-05878
1574Internet Explorer 8 (Win) - Clearing Saved Passwords and Form Data26434DoIT Help Desk2022-07-0233566
1575Internet Explorer (Windows Phone) - Clearing Cache and Cookies24078DoIT Help Desk2022-06-27205705
1576Internet Explorer 8 (Win) - Clearing Cache and Cookies12314DoIT Help Desk2022-06-27837619
1577Android (Jellybean) - Clearing Cache and Cookies on Google Chrome26652DoIT Help Desk2022-06-27171378
1578White Pages - Incorrect or Missing Faculty/Staff and Affiliate Information1515Identity and Access Management2022-06-2759592
1579Webex - View, Search and Edit Webex Recording Transcripts98989Cisco Webex2022-06-154793
1580Compensation and Economic Benefits Committee Agenda 06-17-22119011The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2022-06-14730
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