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REDCap: Mobile App - Emergency Data Dump

When something prevents the app from sending data back to your REDCap project on the server, use the “Send Emergency Data Dump” option to send data to the server as a CSV file. This CSV file will be stored on your REDCap project and can be used to upload the data at a later time.

NOTE: You will still need a strong internet connection to use the Emergency Data Dump feature.

If you have any questions relating to issues with the Mobile App, please reach out to REDCap Support staff to assist with the process.

Click on the steps below to see instructions for each step along with screenshots:

Step 1 - Send Emergency Data Dump

To begin the emergency data dump process, you will first need to make sure you have your project open within the app on your device.  

On your project home screen, scroll towards the bottom of the screen and select the 'Send Emergency Data Dump' button.

Mobile App Project Home
On the main project page within the Mobile App, select "Send Emergency Data Dump"

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Step 2 - Select Which Records To Send

You will next need to choose which records to send. It is recommended that you send 'New/Modified Only' since those records are typically the only information that is not already in your REDCap project on the server. Sending 'All Records' should be used if you are uncertain which data should be sent. 'Select records manually' will allow you to pick and choose specific records to send. 

For the purposes of these instructions, we will select 'New/Modified Only'.

Mobile App Emergency Data Dump Options
Select option for which records you wish to send

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Step 3 - Proceed with Emergency Send

The next screen you'll see provides some additional information about this process. To confirm the data send, select the 'Proceed with Emergency Send' button.

On this screen you will also see an option to send project logs.
These logs can be useful to see each action that was recorded on a device since the last Refresh Setup & Data.

Mobile App Proceed with Emergency Send
Select "Proceed with Emergency Send"

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Step 4 - Choose File Destination

The next step is to select where you would like the data dump to be sent. Typically when using the Emergency Data Dump feature, you will want to 'Send to Server'. This allows the CSV file to be sent directly to your REDCap project on the server.

Using the 'Save to Device' option will save the CSV file right on your device. Keep in mind your device must be fully secured to contain any PHI data. Saving data only to your device will not send it to your REDCap project on the server. As a reminder, it is always best to work with your department IT group to setup any mobile devices/tablets that will be used for work purposes. In general make sure to follow UW Policies.

For the purposes of these instructions, we will 'Send to Server'.

Mobile App File Destination
Select "Send to Server" to send file to REDCap

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Step 5 - File Upload Complete - Access data in your REDCap project

The final screen on your device is the confirmation that data was sent to the server or your device depending on what you previously selected.

At this point a member of your team with access to the REDCap project on the server will be able to view the CSV file under the 'REDCap Mobile App' application located on the left-hand side of the screen. Within the Mobile App section, you can locate the data that was sent over in the 'App Data Dumps' tab. If any logs were sent, they will be in the 'App Logs' tab.

If you are unsure of how to import data into your project, it is recommended that you reach out to REDCap Support staff to assist with this process. Selecting the 'Import Data from File' option will allow you to automatically import the data, but you should always review your data before confirming the import to ensure fields are not overwritten. This is especially important if your record numbers are automatically being assigned by the REDCap system.

Mobile App Confirm Upload & Accessing in REDCap
After the file has been successfully sent to REDCap, navigate to REDCap Mobile App and select "App Data Dumps" to see the data file.

Once your team has been able to confirm the data dump was successful, you can discuss if a "Refresh Setup & Data" is needed. 

DO NOT refresh your project on the mobile app device until you are sure data has been synced or obtained via the data dump. Once a project has been refreshed, the data on the device is gone forever.

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