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REDCap: Version Upgrade to 14.2.2

The SMPH REDCap upgrade to version 14.2.2 will occur on Monday, April 1st 2024.

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Bug Fixes


Notable Bug Fixes

Bug fix: When MLM is active, matrix headers mistakenly were shown over each line of a matrix field when output as an instrument PDF. 

Bug fix: If a participant attempts to load a survey using a non-public survey link after the participant's record has been deleted in the project, they would be mistakenly redirected to the REDCap login page, which is confusing. Instead, an appropriate error message is now displayed to let them know the survey is no longer active or that they are no longer a participant. 

Bug fix: The special function concat_ws() would mistakenly include fields with blank values in its output. It is expected that blank values should not be included. For example, if we have @CALCTEXT(“ and “, [dob1], [dob2], [dob3), it would mistakenly output “2024-03-01 and and 2024-03-01” when field “dob2” is empty/blank, whereas it should instead output “2024-03-01 and 2024-03-01”.

Bug fix: When a project's first instrument is a repeating instrument, and a user is performing a data import of new (not existing) repeating instances for another repeating instrument in the project, new empty instances would mistakenly get created for the first instrument when new instances should only get added for the desired repeating instrument. 

Bug fix: When using the datediff() function in which the Daylight Saving Time barrier is crossed when calculating the result of two datetime values, in specific cases the result might mistakenly be one hour off if using units of "h", "m", or "s" for the function. 


Project Dashboard Folders -

Project Dashboard Folders - Project Dashboards in a project can now be organized into folders. If a user has Project Setup & Design privileges, they will see an "Organize" link on the left-hand project menu above the Project Dashboards panel. They will be able to create folders and then assign their Project Dashboards to a folder, after which the Project Dashboards will be displayed in collapsible groups on the left-hand menu.

Project Dashboards Folder Example
Example of Project Dashboard folders

"Test Run" when re-evaluating Alerts & ASIs -

Improvement: New "Test Run" option when re-evaluating Alerts and Automated Survey Invitations - When performing the "Re-evaluate" feature for Alerts and ASIs, a new toggle that says "Enable Test Run?" can be clicked in the dialog, which will perform a test run (dry run) to simulate what would have happened (e.g., schedule or send alerts/invitations) but without actually doing anything. This will allow users to feel more confident if they actually need to perform a real re-evaluation of Alerts or ASIs so that they know beforehand how many records will be affected during the re-evaluation. In addition, users may download a CSV file of all affected record names afterward, whether using the test run option or not.

Alerts Test Run Example
Example of enabling alerts test run in Alerts & Notifications

New "now" or "today" options in date breakdown special functions -

Users may now use "now" or "today" (wrapped in quotes) instead of a field variable in the special functions day(), month(), and year() in order to capture a specific date component of today’s date.

Updated Help & FAQ Page:

The integrated "Help & FAQ" page within REDCap has been updated with new content pertaining to more commonly asked questions or newer REDCap features. 

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