CloudFax - How to Send Faxes from Email

This article describes how to enable your email account to send faxes through the campus CloudFax service. There are two sections, one is to enable the service for your email account, the other are the steps necessary to send a fax. Total time necessary is 10 minutes or less.

Enable your account to send faxes

  1. Login to using your NetID credentials.
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Click on CloudFax from the left-side menu.
  4. Click on Status.
  5. Click on the Enable CloudFax Sending button. This button will not appear if you are already enabled for this service. The screen will indicate you are already enabled.

  6. enablecloudfaxing-jul2020.png

After enabling CloudFax sending, you may need to refresh the page to show the sending capability has been enabled for your account.

  1.  enablecloudfaxing-confirmed-jul2020.png
  2. You can now send faxes using your primary email account.

Send faxes from your email account

  1. Compose a new email message (Outlook, Outlook for Web, smartphone app)

  2. Enter the fax number in the To: field as an email address.

    • For faxes sent inside North America, enter the Country Code ("1"), the area code, and the seven digit fax number followed by the @concordsend.comdomain.

    • For faxes sent outside North America, enter the international access code, 011, the country code, and the remaining fax number followed by the @concordsend.comdomain.
  3. (Optional) Include a fax service generated Cover Page.

    • If you enter text in the body of the email, the fax service will generate a cover page.
    • The text entered in the body of the email will populate the message of the cover page.
    • The text entered in the subject line of the email will populate in the Regarding: section of the cover page header.
    • View the default cover page here.
    • If you do not want the fax service to generate a cover page, then do not include text in the body of your email and make sure your auto-signature is removed.
  4. Attach the file to be faxed to your email.

    • Not required if fax service generates a cover page in step 3.
    • If file is not attached, then only a cover page will be faxed.
  5. Press Send.

  6. Periodically check either your Inbox or the Inbox of the service account associated with your fax number (ex: for fax status messages. 

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