Cisco VoIP - Phone Quick Start

This article provides quick start guides for the Cisco phones in use in the Department of Surgery. It also provides information on the campus voice mail service, your phone's self-care portal, dialing patterns for local and long distance calls, and how to transfer a call.

Handset Quick Start Guides

There are two handset models in use in the Department, model 7841 and model 8851.  The primary differences are the 8851 has a color screen, additional buttons to assign speedial numbers, and bluetooth connectivity.  Following are quickstart guides in PDF format for each handset.

  1. Cisco Model 7841 - Quick start guide.
  2. Cisco Model 8851 - Quick start guide.

Campus Voicemail and Phone Self-Care Portals

Use this information to access the campus voice mail service and your phone's self-care portal.

Campus Voicemail - Configurations and Access

  1. Accessing your voicemail from a phone, dial 262-2500
  2. Access the Voicemail Portal from your computer
    1. Voicemail Menus & Shortcuts
    2. Configure Email notification of new voicemail (note supported browsers)
  3. Change Voicemail PIN
    1. The default PIN is 343842
    2. Rules to changing your PIN:
      1. The PIN is not the same as any previous PIN.
      2. The digits are not all the same (99999).
      3. The digits are not consecutive (12345).
      4. The digits cannot strictly repeat (872872, 101010).
      5. The PIN is not the same as the extension.
      6. The PIN does not spell the subscribers name.
  4. Voicemail lockout period is 30 minutes if you enter your PIN incorrectly three times.

Campus Self Care Portal

  1. Self Care Portal is used for:

    1. Call Forwarding 

      1. note, if the line you are forwarded to is on a call, or forwarded to voicemail,  the incoming caller will receive your own voicemail message. 

    2. Ring Settings (for hard phones)

    3. Speed dial settings (for hard phones)

    4. Voicemail Notifications (message waiting light and display settings on your hard phone)

    5. and more

Phone Dialing Patterns

The phone system requires specific dialing patters for campus, local, and long distance calls.

Call Type
Campus or local state agencyseven digit dialing264-4357
Local calls (Madison area)1 + seven digit local number1-555-1234
Toll free calls1 + 1 and ten digit number1-1-800-555-1234
Long distance calls1 and 1 and ten-digit number1-1-212-555-1234
 International call to country in the North American Dialing plan (like Canada, Jamaica)1 and 1 and ten-digit number1-1-416-555-1234
International call to all other countries 1 and 011 and country code and city/area code and number 1 011 44 303 123 7300
Emergency call911911
 Block caller ID local call1 and *67 and seven-digit local number1-*67-555-1234
Block caller ID long distance call1 and *67 and 1 and ten-digit number1-*67-1-212-555-1234

Not all phones are enabled to make long distance and/or international calls. Please contact your department's authorized user to change your permissions.

When you block caller ID, you are only blocking caller ID for that call. Any subsequent calls will not block unless you dial the 1 * 67 first.

Transfer a Call

To transfer a call in progress, please follow these steps.

  1. While on a connected call (not on hold), press the phone's Transfer button
  2. Enter the transfer recipient's phone number; follow dialing pattern above.
  3. Press the Transfer button while the recipient's line is ringing.
  4. The transfer is complete.

Transferring the call while the recipient's line is ringing ensures that if the recipient's voice mail answers the call, the transferred caller can leave a message.

Manage multiple line appearances - Jabber

It's possible to add multiple line appearances to Jabber and the KB will provide steps on how to accomplish that.


For questions related to Department of Surgery voice services, please contact Surgery IT at

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